Integrating a wifi turntable into my existing Chromecast Audio system

Due to my home's construction I have an integrated amp with CCA in the optical port to cast my FLAC music collection from a NAS Drive. I want to add a turntable and add either a lossless or non-compressed signal from that turntable to the CCA. I am told Yamaha's Vinyl 500 wifi turntables and the MusicCast app of theirs won't work to get where I want to go. Any ideas how I might get a hi fidelity signal from a remote turntable to my CCA based system.
This might work. You could get a Parks Puffin with the coax spdif option and then connect that to a streamer.
My setting doesn't allow me to hook up a turntable to my amp. I currently cast all my music via CCA to the amp. I can hook the turntable up to my WIFI network via ethernet but I need a signal I can pick up on the CCA. I use Music Streamer for my FLAC collection that available from my NAS drive. My ultimate goal is to play an analog turntable with the signal digitized in either a full signal like WAV or a lossless like FLAC.
If I do a phono preamp would I be limited to the Puffin or are there others that would work the same?
I talked to Pro-Ject and they said their Optical Box Phone E mod will provide a 24/96 digital signal that would carry a full audio stream. I could then choose any turntable. They think I can connect that to my wifi network using an optical to ethernet converter. I then just need to figure out what app could see that signal and then cast it to the Chromecast Audio.