Interconnect recommendations??

Would someone give me a recommendation on interconnects that are less than $250 (used) to connect a Adcom 565 Preamp with a Adcom 555 II Amp. There are too many possibilities out there and I do not have the time to do the research. Thanks
Rav, no one can possibly make an intelligent recommendation unless you descibe more what qualities you are looking for in your sound. Everyones taste is different, what type of sound are you looking for........and what do you use now, and what are you looking to improve?
I have a pair of Used Tara Labs Air 2. That I'm not using anymore. I swithched to Pass Amps and I'm going Balanced. I can't remember what I paid, but I'll let them go for $250.00. Email me at We can work something out on Escrow so you can listen to them before you buy, ok? Regards, brian
Sam: Rav admitted to being clueless about IC's in his second thread. I suggested some good IC's IMO (without notable faults) and their general characteristics. He has to start somewhere. Rav, you really have to listen to them in your system to decide as system synergy is half the battle. With you power amplifier I can safely say that you will need an IC that tames/smooths the HF's granted that you speakers have tweeters. You may also want to try isolation devices (like Vibrapods) on your amp and preamp as well as your souce (if it's CD) which will probably give you a better sound than IC's without this treatment.
Try Silver Audio. I think they sound great. You could also make your own silver cables.
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Trust me on this. Have spent way to much time and money on interconnects. I now use Musical Concepts Super Connect IV,will literally blow away Audioquest,Kimber,Goertz,etc. I know because I have used the previous menetioned interconnects. Price is more than reasonable at $69.00 for one meter pair. This is without doubt the best kept secret in high end audio,hands down.
Try Stealth Audio cables, such as their cross wrapped silver cables or copper. Great cables for the money. I am currently waiting my pure gold versions. Currently breaking in their Ultimate Ribbon speaker cables and so far they are amazing. Go to Mike
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