Interconnect upgrade

Would like to upgrade my Audioquest Ruby's for something of a better match. I have a Wadia 860x connected to a Audio Research VT-60 Amp. Speaker cables are AudioTruth Midnight 3 Bi-wired to Martin-Logan Aerius speakers. Any Help would be appreciated
Normally, it's better to stay within the same 'family' of cables whenever you look to upgrade. Noting that you have AudioTruth speaker cables, you might consider some of the higher rez AudioTruth interconnects. I have followed this general principle with my system. I want to hear every nuance of information contained on cd or vinyl. I enjoy the utmost in clarity and resolution. I've auditioned numerous cables and decided to purchase Nordost SPM interconnects and speaker cable. It's pretty pricey stuff but delivers everything I want in audio reproduction. It might be a good idea for you to call 'The Cable Company' to try a variety of cables before you make your final decision. They were the ones to introduce me to the SPM's. Good luck...
I've had AudioQuest Diamonds, and strongly advise you to TRY Stealth interconnects, to be seen at's no risk since they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Calling them (Cross-wrapped Copper, in my case) an A, AudioQuest Diamond is B-, at best. The wire AudioQuest uses is simply too thick. Did you look at Malcolm Omar Hawksford's article reprinted in Stereophile? A lot of good science, along with incomprehensible (to most of us) math and physics, and one lesson is clear: skin effect is big and anything but very thin wire is poor.
I went from AudioQuest Ruby to the new Analysis Plus Silver for interconnects in my recording rig. I agree with Tom-nice that skin effect is important. Analysis Plus has their own take on it...oval cross-section. Sounds good in my gear. Ambient