Hi all
I'm in search for interconnects between my Musical Fidelity A5 CDP and Integrated (speakers are B&W703s hooked up with audioquest bedrocks)
budget is $150 max.

some items I've considered are
signal cable -analog II or silver
audioquest kingcobra
kimber hero
any other recommendations?

Is there any synergy issue between ICs and speaker cables? (should I go for the same compay?)
I want avoid anything "bright"
thanks and happy new year
My system is a lot like yours, though I just replaced my MF A308cr pre-amp. I use the Sonoran Plateau interconnects. I looked for interconnects for three months a year and a half ago, trying everything from $1500.00 a pair on down. I mean everything: Acoustic Zen, Audioquest, Kimber, Magnan, Shunyata, Nordost, Au24, Synergistic Research, etc.

These Sonoran Plateau interconnects from AudioPoints brought more things to light than I'd ever had before, and they're only $500.00 a pair. In fact, they went with my Krell, conrad-johnson, and Theta gear just as well as they did when I went and replaced them with the MF pieces last January.

I think it has to do with the shielding. I've even replaced the Kimber silver speaker cables that came with my B&W Silver Signatures and my Synergistic Research power cords with the Sonoran Plateau cables.

I think you can audition them at home if you don't have anyone close selling them. Go to and give them a call. I believe you'll be glad you did.
I would suggest auditioning Nordost. Since the MF cdp has tubes in it, the nordost (spm or Red Dawn) will provide you with a nice balance of clean sound.

I'm currently using Nordost and have the A5 int and CDP.... works well IMHO.
I don't do digital(although neither does music, but I didn't get my adam's apple or stomach tension with digital while using Oritek X-2 interconnects. I have to ask "Why do you listen to music?". Is it for relaxation?
Oritek X-2's were my recommendation, but I have to say that I currently also use Signal Cable Silver Resolutions(interconnect and speaker cable). I consider them the workhorses of my system. So, I guess this is a recommendation(boy, I guess I shouldn't get so enthusiastic!). Let me just say that they were recommended to me for my Nuforce amp, and I never would have looked further except I have two spots for interconnects.