Interface comparo: Perfect Wave Bridge v: Sonos?

I know that the Perfect Wave is vastly superior in terms of fidelity, but how does the user interface compare with the Sonos? It looks fairly similar on the iPhone, but great usability is in the details...and Sonos has it really, really nailed. Has anyone used both and can compare based on interface usability?
My understanding is that the only people who have seen the bridge interface are a few beta testers and the insiders who saw it at CES. But aside from PSA's CEO, I've not read anyone's actual comments. Even then, it still just a prototype.

I'm in the same boat as a lot of PWD users in that I have been anxiously awaiting the bridge, but I've pretty much given up on it. Life is too short. My plan now is to have my Sonos modified by Cullen, which will include an I2S via HDMI interface to the PWD. Cullen told me last week that it will be available in a couple of months, and I am hopeful that they can deliver on this schedule.
I don't know what's up with McGowan. He'll tell anyone that wants to listen, that the great thingy is coming(along with five other great things)and then get side-tracked with something else.
The Lens was supposed to be here months ago(actually back in '97)and got bumped for the Bridge which isn't here either and he can't tell you when it's coming eventhough he's in charge! He needs to focus on one core item at a time.
He may soon start to lose market share with this new product/no news/I don't know when BS.
i can understand your frustration Tab. i've been looking forward to it's release as well. PSA is having issues with the final details/programming so delaying the product is by far the best option. releasing something they're unsure of and don't have 100% confidence in can cost them big long term. warranty claims can drain a companies cash and repairing a reputation can take a long time.

i want the bridge now too but also expect it to be done right. would much rather wait then need repairs/updates later. i think it was huge mistake to even anounce a release date/time frame on such a "new and versitile technology". new products and technology almost always present new and unforeseen problems.

maybe they could focus more and speed things up?. i don't know?. do know that the amps they are about to release fill a *huge void* in their product lineup....amplifiers. it's somewhat understandable to me that the amps are also a high priority.

i've got the PW pair so the bridge isn't holding me up like it is some folks. suppose i'd be more riled up if that were the case. am planning on setting up a network/server so they bridge will be added when released. still have alot to learn about this whole "server/wi-fi/network" thing. hoping i can have it set-up/ready to go by summer...which is the most recent projected release timeframe per PSA's web site. we'll see right lol!.

good luck with mod's too. sounds very interesting. look forward to hearing your thoughts.

IMO, the Cloud computing weren't needed(not yet anyway)and the Lens(if it's ready)should be brought out.

Here's another beef: The PPP is supposed to be the best regenerator, but it uses the lesser quality outlet. Wouldn't it make sense to do a Premier 'port in the "Designer" style to enhance the performance?
have to say that I'm not super-hopeful that the PS interface will really do the trick. interface design is, unto itself, it's own whole discipline that very very few companies get even close to right. it's not a sideline venture.