Internet Radio as digital source

I wish to add an Internet Radio with digital output to be hooked up to my DAC . I have no idea how to go about buying a suitable gear about it. My budget would be $200-300 for a used or new gear. Please advise what I should look for.  Thanks
To make it clear , I wish to add internet Radio "TUNER " as a digital source to my 2 ch audio system. I don't know if there exists such a gear as  internet Radio TUNER or not. . I I am not lookiy for simple internet Radio with analog output with built-in amplifier and speakers. 
Can any one help  me here ? 
Check out Tunein on the web.  You can use that through your computer into your DAC.  I use it through a streamer and love it.
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I agree that Tunein is a great option for listening to Internet radio stations.  Please see:

Additional Internet radio options are:

This is a list of Internet radio stations, including traditional broadcast stations which stream programming over the Internet as well as Internet-only stations.

Calm Radio has over 300+ channels for listening.  See:

Thanks guys . I now realize that all I meet is a laptop as a part of my audio system, and connect it to my DAC with suitable cable. My will seek some help from my children.
I notice that there is some fee  for using these apps like TuneIn .

Tunein fee information is below:

“TuneIn offers two different apps: TuneIn Radio and TuneIn Radio Pro.

TuneIn Radio is our free app with access to 100,000 real radio stations and 5.7M podcasts.

TuneIn Radio Pro is available for a one-time fee. It is just like our free app but additionally is banner ad and pre-roll ad-free and allows you to record.

TuneIn Premium is a paid subscription service that we offer for both apps. With TuneIn Premium, listeners will get everything featured in the TuneIn standard free service, plus live NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL games, more than 600 commercial-free music stations, and an ad-free experience. The TuneIn Premium service can be accessed by logging into a Premium account both on the TuneIn Radio Pro app, and our Free app”.

Tunein Radio is a free App.  Enjoy   

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Grace digital encore radio is a nice all in one package. Set up is easy and 1000s of radio stations for no monthly fee. All you need is wifi. This might be the wrong sub forum but no laptop or PC needed!
I had posted a similar question. I tried a bit of radio streaming thru my laptop, but was disappointed with the sound. (And didn't want my laptop tied up with streaming). I found a few internet tuners on Amazon, but the sound quality was kind of an unknown. 

When I asked on Audiogon, I got suggestions to get a streamer instead, as they can also access internet radio. Bought a refurbished Node 2 music streamer. Sounds great. Much better than the laptop. Can output analog or digital. The tuning is done by installing an app on your phone or tablet. And it still has the potential to access the high resolution subscription services, if I want to explore that later.
Another option would be o buy a streaming component that incorporates a digital tuner.  I purchased a demo Bluesound Node 2 last year for around $250
An easy +1 for the Bluesound Node 2i.  Used is in your price range, plus it has it's own decent DAC built in.  It can stream all the popular subscriptions if you want later (Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, Deezer etc) and it hooks up either by direct cable or wifi to your router.  Free Bluesound app gets you free internet radio and the fidelity is outstanding.
We all started knowing nothing and I think we sometimes forget that.  Here's the Bluesound Node2i hookup for beginners.  
Plug the Node analog outs into your stereo.  
If you are using wifi, you're done.
If you are wiring direct to your router instead of wifi, hook that cable up.  You're done.
Plug the Node in.
Download the BluesSound app to your phone, tablet or computer.  Give it the password to your router.  It will automatically connect with the Node.  
You're done.
Use the app to select radio.  Everything is done through the app.  Sit back and enjoy.

What has been suggested by Wlutke  is 100 percent right as per me. 
BlueSound Node 2i is the best for enthusiastic beginners ( in digital streaming)  yet who seek and enjoy audiophile quality. 
You don't need to spend seperately for a device to receive high quality internet radio.