Is anyone still using kimber 4pr?

if i am not mistaking, the 4pr is now 40 years old - and still reported as excellent... Just curious, is anyone using it?

I have a shotgun biwire pr I've had about ten years and use on and off, good bang for the buck .
Electric measurements reveal that this cable could be the cable with the lowest inductance on the market, and with the least insertion loss when compared to equivalent 14awg cables.... in other world, is it the best cable in the world?
I am... I got it about 15 years ago for speakers I no longer own, but they seem to work well with my current speakers (Ohm Walsh 2000).  I did shorten them up after moving my amp from my gear rack to a stand between the speakers, so I have about 50 feet of it just lying around.  I would like to upgrade at some point, and I have some ideas for wire I'd like to try, but money is tight, and unemployment is looming.  So that's on hold.  I suspect I can improve on the soundstage of the 4PR without spending crazy money.  But I think it's pretty good wire. 
I still use it . Mine is all at least 20 years old or more . One of the things that impresses me about this wire is that when I go to strip the insulation - there is no visible oxidation/corrosion . Some of the other brands of  speaker wires of similar age that are floating around here have not fared as well  -some interaction between insulation and wire has occurred. The wire looks either black ,green or very dark grey after a few decades.  Gotta give Ray Kimber credit -quality product.
I've still use Kimber 4PR to this day on my office system.  4VS on the main system.  I still feel that Kimber is one of the most transparent speaker cables, especially for the money.  
So I did it:  I just bought a pair of 4pr terminated with bananas by Kimber.
I thought I would never spend that kind of money on speaker cables, but given the vintage look of my simple gear (sometimes Wharfedale Denton, sometimes Totem Hawk, Marantz integrated 8400... ok not so vintage), I thought the 4pr would dress it well without changing the sound.
I hooked up the 4PR this morning and I have been listening to my system the entire day while working, and i hate to say it, but the sound has changed!  I am with pixelriffic, it sounds more transparent, more direct, more impactful.  The Marantz really like them obviously, and it sounds lively, even with the Denton! First time I here a touch of sibilance sometimes with these speakers.
BUT, the best bang for the buck is still the Canare 4s8 for about $20.  Can't be the value.