Is it possible to remote on a tube amp

Is it at all possible to remote turn on a tube amp without hurting it. What I am considering is a power conditioner to remote power a tube amp!

I cannot see that it would be any different from using the power switch on the amp (see last sentence) though the power conditioner may change the sound (for better or for worse). Do you already use the conditioner on the amp? What amp is it and does it have any special features for powering up that will be BI-passed by your proposed method? If you are not sure then you might check with the manufacturer, if possible.
Make sure that conditioner does not limit the current to the tube amp or the tube amps may not sound their best!
Some recommend pluggung yube amplifiers straight into the circuit (20a plus) to avoid current limiting.
Also see the thread(s) on power cords and power conditioners).
I use a Monster HTS-2500 with my CJ amps and the remote features work just fine. The conditioning helps quite a bit as well (I have very noisy AC), however its easy to tell when the current draw gets beyond what the conditioner can reliably provide. At low volumes its never an issue, but when I crank it up a bit the sound becomes noticeably grainy. I continue to use it for the convenience of remotely powering on/off the system, but at some point I'll have to think about moving to more robust power source.
Aside from the issue of limiting current, you would lose any power up standby capabilities that your amp might have. Let's see, you get up and turn the amp on to listen. Get up and turn the amp off when you are done. I can understand people wanting remotes for pre-amps and CDP's with vloume controls. But a power amp? I don't get it. But, hey, whatever floats your boat.
Actually, I value the remote more for powering off than on. When I'm finished listening, its nice to press a single button and have the entire system power down reliably (which in my case means sequentially) without having to fuss about with the 5 pieces of gear that need tending to. Often, I'm ready to head off to bed when I'm through and have quite a bit less patience with the equipment than when I first turn it on. Its certainly not a necessity, but I do appreciate the convenience.
Conrad Johnson Premier Tube Preamps have remotes, so I assume they work with Tube Amps. Try to eMail CJ or your amps manufacturer to see what they think.
Ken if you want to power down sequentially, won't doing by remote via your power conditioner turn everything off at the same time? I know what you mean about those late night listening sessions, as every once and a while I forget putting it back into standby, the final step in my sequence. Doh!
Jim: The 2500 has a set of outlets that are timed on/off so that the amps can go on last and off first. The unit is controlled remotely by the presence or absence of a 110V potential across a special input. I'm using a cheap remote controlled receiver with a switched outlet to control the whole thing. It isn't elegant, but it works very well.

Sugarbrie: Sadly, the CJ preamp doesn't have external facilities for controlling anything, and the amps (Premier 12's) are not designed to be remotely powered. I can use the remote to turn the premap on, but its not a terribly useful feature in the overall scheme. I do know that Furman has a current sensing remote unit for their power conditioners, but the 2500 was a better fit for my budget at the time.

There is a very expensive power conditioner that I have seen which gradually increases and decreases the AC power when turned on/off (its at So if you are worried about a big voltage spike, this would take care of your concerns.

I think remote powering is a very big issue. I have a stereo in the bedroom which I need to be able to have remote-on to wake up and remote-off when falling asleep. I don't want the amps on all night so it makes sense to power these on/off and leave the other stuff on all the time.