Is it worth upgrading my power conditioner to Shunyata?

I currently have a Furman PST-8D line conditioner powering the following setup:

Integrated: Luxman SQ-N10
Speakers: Tekton Design Lore
DAC: Cary Audio DAC-100T
Digital Streamer: Bluesound Vault
Phono Pre: Fosgate Signature Phono
Turntable: Modded Thorens TD-160 w/ SME 3009 S2 Improved
Cart: Dynavector Karat 17D3
SUT: Luxman AD8000 w/8020
Power Cables: PS Audio AC-5 on all amp and source
Interconnects and speaker wire: all DH Labs
Outlet: Hubbel Cryo’d 5362

I’m considering upgrading to a Shunyata PS8, Venom Defender, and Venom HC combo. Has anyone tested between the Furman to the Shunyata? If so, can you share your thoughts? Even if you haven’t, and you know something about the difference in technologies/qualities between the two, I’m open to hearing anyone’s thoughts. Thanks!

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I've never had luck with conditioners....  See how it works in your system if you can borrow a demo.
I would encourage you to try out a Furman unit with their active noise cancelling technology, LiFT.

Before any of that, you should have your room acoustics sorted. :) A better investment.


Thanks guys. Erik, the PST-8D does have LiFT, and I have noticed a difference since I added it a while ago. It’s definitely quieter, but perhaps also softer, more rounded. As some folks have said that while they notice a difference, it doesn’t always mean it’s an improvement.

I should add that my room acoustics are sorted, and I'm very much happy with the way things are sounding. I’ve added some acoustic panels and stabilized my equipment, added plants and that sort of thing. I’m pretty much at the end of my rope of diminishing returns -- not willing to spend thousands more on the system, but just looking for the final touches.
I use 3 Shunyata Hydras (older ones) in my main system with all Shunyata power cords.  The Shunyata conditioners do NOT limit current in any way.  As a result, I have dead quiet background and a crystal clear sounding system.  I wouldn't even consider a different brand.  I am one happy camper.
I also have Shunyata products.  I use a Triton / Typhoon w Shunyata power cords.      
As a result I also have dead quiet and crystal clear soundstage.
My speakers can use a upgrade and I admit I'm not allays swapping equip but I would not like to listen to my system without the Shunyata

Dedicated power lines, 12 or 10 gauge and high quality electrical outlets would be my first priority. I use a combo of Shunyata and Nordost Quantum products.
Thanks everyone! It looks like I'm in pretty good shape. I was able to demo the Shunyata combo with some break in, and it provided a minimal upgrade to the sound in comparison to the Furman PST-8D. For the money, I would have expected it to do more, but I'm running a pretty low voltage SET system, so perhaps it's not overly necessary.

Tom, the Hubbell outlet I installed previously on the dedicated line and my PS Audio power cords did the most improvement.

I'm convinced that all my noise is gone, except for some tube hiss that is only apparent from 10" away if I turn my volume up to 60-75%. This is likely due to me having a full tube system and high efficiency speakers. So perhaps tube rolling would be my biggest friend here.

the V-Ray model from Shunyata is the best buy. As always, buy used/demo for best effect.