Is Logitech Media Server running clean on Windows 10?

Has anyone tried Logitech Media Server (Squeezebox server) on Windows 10?  Is it working?  Any issues?   I am debating upgrading my Windows but do not want to break LMS.   I have read if one case where user had to go to an older version of LMS to get the file scan to run. 
Hi Mapman,

I can’t answer your question, but regardless of what the answer may be I personally would not want to upgrade to 10 without first using a good drive imaging program (I use Terabyte Unlimited’s "Image for Windows") to create an image file of my complete "c" drive or partition, that I could restore if need be. And also separately backing up any data files created or modified while 10 is in use, so they could be written into the restored image if need be.

As you probably realize, if one does the free upgrade to 10 there is a 30 day period in which the OS can supposedly be reverted to the one that was upgraded (7 or 8.1), but I wouldn’t feel comfortable relying on that. For example, in this Microsoft document I note a statement that "if you go back to Windows 8.1, some apps that came with Windows, like Mail and People, might not work anymore. To fix them, reinstall them from the Store."

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Another point worth noting: According to this article, Microsoft has confirmed that early in 2016 Windows 10 will be classified as a "recommended update" for computers running W7 and W8/8.1. Which means that the default Windows Update settings would then cause W10 to automatically install.

Also note in one of the comments to the article someone reporting that on his machine reverting back to W7 simply did not work.

I’m a firm believer in using a good disk imaging program, for the additional reason that it would be a huge time-saver in the event of drive failure or corruption. And regarding your initial question it would of course allow you to easily revert to the previous OS if you were to find that LMS has issues running in W10.

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Works fine.  Been running Logitech Media Server on Windows 10 for over three months with no problems.  If your going to jump to windows 10, I'd recommend doing a clean install.  Use the Media Creation Tool to make a Win10 Image on a USB Thumb Drive.  Make sure to use the latest build (1511), which supports entering your Windows 7 product key to qualify for the free copy of Windows 10 when installing.  Originally, they required you to do an upgrade, register your machine with MS, and then you could do a clean install.  Build 1511 fixed that headache.  Make sure to back up all your important stuff and the settings for  Logitech Media Server.

Thanks for that.

Can you tell me how big is your music library and what file types?

Also what is your PC and how many Gb memory?

I am running Windows 7 on an older 64 bit gateway laptop currently that I use mainly as the music server.  

I have upgraded two other PCs to Windows 10 so far without issues but not using those as a music server. 

I have over 27000 music files, mostly CD quality FLAC files and a few mp3s.

Other important programs I use on the music server currently is dbpoweramp for ripping and tagging and Musicbrainz Picard for auto tagging

My PC came with Windows 8 and I went to 8.1 eventually.
About 2 months ago I upgraded to Windows 10. I have had no problems using Logitech Media Server. I have noticed no differences with everything working fine as it did before.
My PC is 64 Bit and has 4GB of Memory. I have 2400 albums equaling 26,000 tracks which are mostly FLAC and WAV of CD quality and some 24/96 HD files as well.
I called Microsoft and they walked me through the upgrade process with no issues. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
My music library consists of about 3000 Cd's ripped in FLAC.  Also, there is a light sprinkling of some Hi-Res stuff from HDTracks and others.  The Server consists of a Gigabyte BRIX BXi3H-5010 Mini PC, 8GB of RAM and a Samsung EVO 850 2TB SSD.  I actually do the ripping/tagging on my big machine and then just transfer the files over to the server.  Then I access LMS, using a browser, and tell it to re-index.  Re-indexing takes about 4 or 5 minutes.  The server is set to go to sleep after 20 minutes of inactivity.  Whenever I turn on a Squeezebox, it wakes up the server which takes about 15 seconds until music starts playing.

I also have a Sonos, a Definitive Technology W-Amp, a Denon Hoes 5 Speaker, a Google Chromecast Audio and a Google Chromescast Video (V2) in the house.  However, none of these devices will wake up the server.  So, I always have to turn on a Squeezebox and then use one of the other devices.  Also, I have it setup so my phone can access the server whenever I have a WiFi connection.  This comes in real handy if I'm over a friends/relatives house or when traveling.  BTW, the phone can wake up the server remotely.  

For years I used CompuLab Fanless PC's for the server.  When I decided to upgrade this year, I wanted something a little bit more powerful.  For a similar CompuLab PC, I was looking at more than double the cost of the BRIX.  While the BRIX does have a fan in it, it's so quite when serving up music that I have to put my head within about a foot to hear the fan.  Also, I occasionally use the BRIX whenever my big machine is being upgraded; It makes a good general purpose PC.
Good info folks, thanks.

prpixel and tune_man, could you confirm for me the version of Logitech Media Server you are running successfully on Windows 10?

I am running version  7.7.5 of the Logitech Media Server which I believe is the latest version.
this has nothing to do with the Logitech question, but does Windows 10 require you to log on with MS in order to use the computer?  I often want to use the computer only offline and so have avoided upgrading.
I'm also running version 7.7.5  

No, I do not have to login to MS to use the computer.  When you setup Win10 for the first time, it asks you to sign up for the MS Store.  It will then associate your computer with your store account.  You can skip that step.  In fact, please skip that step.
I'll probably give the upgrade a shot sometime after New Years.

I'm a glutton for punishment.

Thanks for the info.  Makes me feel confident this should not be a big deal.  famous last words....