Is the Sony SCD-C333ES multichannel?

Hey guys
I was trying to find out if the 333ES will play multichannel SACDs. I don't know much about SACD yet so don't know if stereo and multicannel ones are compatible with any SACD player or not. Thanks for any info.
It is not multi-channel. Multi SACD's will play on either 2-channel or multi players. 2 channel Sacd's will play on either, but only 2-channel.
Good luck
The facts are:
- the 333ES is only a 2 channel player
- there are 2 channel and multi-channel(m/c) discs in the marketplace. Some discs are available in both.
- all m/c discs have a 2 channel layer and that is the layer that the 333ES would play, not the m/c layer. In other words you would get all the music through 2 channels - you wouldn't lose anything not having the remaining channels.
- there have been reports that the 333ES model has problems with playing some m/c discs. Once it finishes playing the end of the 2 channel layer the player jumps to the m/c layer and creates a static sound. I have the 333ES and it happned only once and I have more than 1 m/c disc. On the 3rd time playing the Delos 4 Season m/c disc it happened. Have played the James Taylor's "Hourglass" m/c disc numerous times and it never happened so it would appear to be random. Maybe other owners have had worse experience. Probably only happened once in 20 plays on my machine. Still love my machine...
Great! Thanks for the info - all my questions got answered. Now I have to decide whether I will go home theater in the near future.... Arthur