Is Tom Evans Still Open

My brother sent in a power supply for upgrade.  He paid up front for the service. It’s been 8 months, no service and no reply to his emails.  
 If anyone can shed some light please help. 


There's been a few dodgey episodes in Tom's past but when the smoke cleared he was still standing. Let's hope for a repeat and that you get your gear back serviced properly. 

Well hope and prayer for audio service is not what I or my brother signed up for. 
Amazing that company tells you 2 week turn around time, takes payment up front, and then goes dark.

 Not responding to emails is just beyond outrageous. I’m wondering what I can legally do to get my equipment back? 
 Any suggestions ?

 Peter/ Mike

sorry to say this, but he does have form

hopefully he will want to resurrect his business some time in the near future..