anyone heard the 45 rpm repressings of Bill Evans

they are very costly and would love to hear some reviews.
thanks, Jim
I have about ten or fifteen of these fantasy jazz titles from Aoustic sounds (I assume that is what you are referring to)and they all sound incredible. Yes, they are very expensive...... try one and see what you think.

I have six of them and they are all superb:

Everybody Digs Bill Evans
Explorations: Bill Evans Trio
Know What I Mean?
Portrait in Jazz

I missed "Waltz for Debby" and "Sunday at the Village Vanguard" before they went out of print, and I really regret that.
Superb reissues by Analogue Productions, you name the title... they are all wonderful. Tagyerit the only bad selection is the one you didn’t get in this Fantasy 45rpm catalog IMHO. Buy the titles you love, then try to buy the rest. I signed up with Chad in the beginning to buy the whole numbered series. It is expensive, no doubt, yet I have not regretted getting one single album.
Happy Listening!
Truly amazing records. Waltz For Debby is my favorite. Almost everything I've heard in these series sounds among the best I've heard. Shame they cost so much, or I'd be buying them all, too. Cheers,