Is upgrade from Revel M20 to Revel F30 worth it?

I've owned the M20's for about three years now. I really have enjoyed them, but I'm having a little touch of the "upgrade-i-tis." My question is this: Anyone out there who has made the switch who can comment about it?
I should also say I find the bass is quite fine now, but I wonder what the F30's would sound like. Lastly, there is no longer a dealer in my area, so this purchase (if I do it) would be sight unseen (or unheard).

Associated equipment:
Plinius 8200
Nottingham Horizon TT

Thanks guys, you're the best.

I heard both the F30 and the F50. I thought that the F50 sounded great--a full, lifelike sound, but that the F30 sounded unfocused and unengaging. In fact, I auditioned 3 speakers that day and the F30 was the one I ruled out right away.
I was really considering the F30 when I heard that the F32 was about to hit the showrooms so I waited. Luckely the dealer had the F30's in stock and I was able to A-B the two models and in a matter if a few minutes it was all too clear that the F32 was a better sound in every aspect. So I bought 'em. I had to wait for the F32's and received the M22 and C32 weeks befroe and used the M22's as my front speakers to break them in and I can suggest if you are looking to upgrade the M22 is a great sounding speaker. Especially coupled with a sub.
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I have had both
what kind of electronics do you have?
i found the f30 was a nice jump in performance
to be honest, the f30 was one of my favorites speakers
my favorite being my studios that i have now
i think the f30 is a very well balanced product
placement of the speakers is key
not too close to the back wall
my 2 cents
hope this helps
i would upgrade
Thank you all for the responses. I'm not sure which route I'll take, but I appreciate all the advice.

I'm in the F50/52 camp though I do not currently own a pair. It's an outstanding speaker. The M22 sounds robbed of life in comparison.