IsoAcoustics GAIA

I've made several changes during 2017. I've changed DACs, interconnect cables, speaker cables, and experimented with power cords. I couple of days ago I replaced the spikes on my Monitor Audio PL500 speakers with IsoAcoustics GAIA Is. I want to put my latest change in context. In my system the most significant change has been adding the Chord Dave DAC...detail, soundstage, air, vocals, attack and dynamics are truly outstanding. Changing the interconnect and speaker cables provided incremental improvements in clarity and a noticeable difference in how instruments/vocals are placed in the soundstage.

The GAIA Is are very well made and a bargain compared to the price of some footers. I used the following CDs to evaluate the GAIA Is: Kirk Whalum-For You, Norman Conners-Eternity, Marcus Johnson-In Concert For a Cause, Erykah Badu-Live, and Bob James/David Sanborn- Double Vision. Overall my first impression has been added clarity that allows you  hear more details deeper in the soundstage. When listening to Kirk Whalum's Going in Circles the percussions to the right of the stage appear deeper and more pronounced with the GAIAs. Erykah Badu's Ye Yo the backup singers sound clearer with slightly more separation and Badu 's voice is almost piercing. Marcus Johnson's Me, Myself & I the piano takes on a liveliness that I've never heard before. It's weird, the music has additional clarity/detail, but at the same time sounds more relaxed. The best way to sum up my thoughts are the GAIAs brings serious "FOCUS" to the aforementioned changes that I made during 2017. 

Now try the Isopucks under your amps , dac , preamp , source . Same level of focus was achieved as the speaker footers provided for me . Pretty crazy !
I currently have Stillpoints Ultra Mini's under all of my components, but because Isopucks are relatively inexpensive I may try a few.
After several days of listening I find installing the GAIA’s gives the illusion of music being totally disconnected from the speakers. The other effect is bass dynamics and articulation. As a matter of fact I turned my sub down for 2-channel listening. 
I put Gaia1s under my Von Schweikert VR-6s and my results were consistent with ricred1's. I was very happily surprised by the major improvements they made.

I have Gaia II under my Monitor Audio PL200's and find the improvements similar to what ricred1 has experienced. I thought I would try three Orea Indigos isopucks under my AR VSi75 integrated amp and experienced the same improvements as identified by maplegrovemusic1. Highly recommended!

Thank You for this thread. I have been thinking about IsoAcoustics footers for my integrated amp. Which model is recommended?

Happy Listening!
I also am interested in these footers. I recently purchased Tannoy Sterling speakers and want to try footers to replace those that came with the Sterlings. In no hurry as I am still adjusting to the new speakers.
You may want to consider Revopods by Arya. Using them under my TT now and waiting for a new model specially design for loudspeakers which should be available in early 2020.
Where does Isoacoustics make their products?  I am interested in them and know they are a Canadian company, but wondering if their products are manufactured in Canada. I googled but could not find anything.