IsoAcoustics Gaia vs the Titan series

I have Sonus Faber il Cremonese speakers.  They have been sitting on a concrete floor covered with laminate.  But, I am moving them to a true hardwood floor which has a basement beneath.  I have been told to get some isolating "footers" to maintain or improve the sound.  IsoAcoustics have been recommended.  I note that they have two series :  Gaia and Titan.  

Has anyone had experience with these two series and can comment on the sonic differences?

Thank you.


Recent research, I found Stack Audio Auva recommended over IsoAcoustic Gaia.

Have a set of Auva arriving from the UK tomorrow (hopefully). 30 day money back guarantee. 

The Titan is just a larger version (for heavier speakers) Gaia.  For your 185lbs (84 Kg ea) speakers, the Gaia I are the proper size:

From what I researched, the Townsend Podiums may be sonically superior:


I have used Isoacoustics footers on my speakers and components for over five years, and just two weeks ago I became an authorized dealer for them. The Gaia I will be fitting - no need to spend for the costlier Titan, though they may provide slightly better isolation control. While the Gaia I is rated to 220lbs, they show that performance starts to decline a little once you get past 85% or so of the rated weight.

The Townshend Podiums are an upgrade beyond the Isoacoustics and I just received a pair of those less than a week ago. That said, many people find them to be too high for their budget and too unsightly. if WAF is a factor, Isoacoustics is the more visually appealing solution and still works very well. 

Thank you @blisshifi 

Have you heard the Auva isolators (stack audio) in comparison to the Isoacoustics?

How much difference between Gaia I and Townshend ?

I’ve not heard the Auva Isolators, unfortunately. It’s hard to quantify the level of improvement, but Townshend further improves on what the Gaia brings. Better vibration management, which delivers a bit more clarity, in the microdetails and speed… enough that they will stay. I did buy the Townshend at a dealer rate (since I am a dealer) and don’t know if I would have ever purchased them at full price. I would never hesitate to spring for Isoacoustics at their full price. They have always gotten me most of the way there at attractive price points. There are definitely diminishing returns in the higher level competitor products but like the Townshend, I’m certain they can also deliver at a higher performance.