IsoAcoustics speaker isolation stands...Thoughts

Has anyone read anything about them or have any thoughts?  The one thing I haven’t focused on is isolation for a single component in my system.   Does it really make that much of a difference?
Excellent. maplegrovemusic! I called my Guitar Center about the Pucks, as they are an IsoAcoustics dealer. The numbskull kid had no idea what I was talking about, and was not the least bit interested in finding out.
All my comments are about the Gaia by IsoAcoustics. 

fossada, from what I understand the 225 lbs is not a limit but is the top of the optimal range of the performance. From there the performance will start to be reduced. So if I understand correctly you would get most of the benefits. But you should check with the designer to get the exact skinny as I am not sure what is the weight limit on the Gaia I vs the other two Gaia models. 

All others:
I have tried many types of isolators and/or vibration control over the years. Most did make a difference but they also made a negative overall impact in the sound. So not worthwhile. 
Only a few made a worthwhile improvement overall. 

This is whether under a speaker or equipment. 

I recently had the opportunity to try the Gaia under various types of equipment and can highly recommend them. 
I tried the Gaia in three different systems and with several different audio buddies. They were tried under several types of equipment. 
From a passive preamplifier, active preamplifier, two phono preamplifiers, two DACs, and  several amplifiers both stereo and mono blocks. Price of equipment ranged from a few thousand to over twelve thousand dollars. 
All agreed that the Gaia made a positive overall improvement in every case. 
Now the Gaia were just placed under each of the equipment (three Gaia per equipment) so there should be a slight additional improvement using them attached and in place of the equipments original footers. 

I also want to add that we tried them under a passive type power conditioner that already has anti-vibration built into it. Again it made an improvement. 

I hope this helped. 

Al Mirabella 
Ambassador, Sound Galleries & Taiko Audio 
Sound Test USA

PS at this moment I have no financial interests in IsoAcoustics. 

I am thinking about using the GAIA footers.  Currently my speakers are on a second floor with carpet.  I am spiking through to the sub floor.  I tried the Herbies gliders but liked the sound with the spikes to the sub floor better.  Has anyone had success for example using a one inch think piece of stone and spiking to that rather than the wood sub floor?  I'm trying to achieve greater isolation. 
Goose, I got really good results using the Aptitlig bamboo butcher blocks from IKEA. They are the largest ones. I use one under each speaker. If need be you can use more than one per speaker.