IsoAcoustics speaker isolation stands...Thoughts

Has anyone read anything about them or have any thoughts?  The one thing I haven’t focused on is isolation for a single component in my system.   Does it really make that much of a difference?
I need to know about the GAIA as well. I'm also very curious about their Iso-Puck.
bdp24, seriously.  I have my room treated and am using a DEQX, wondering if these actually do anything.
I have three, 2 under my desktop and 1 under my center channel. I like them a lot. Very rugged and flexible.

Do you need them to be a better audiophile? Not really, but if you need to tilt/point your speakers with precision they are a great solution.


It’s very noticeable.  Check out this video and you can even clearly hear the difference.  Starts at almost exactly 5 minutes in.

They’re kind of expensive, but they’re the best “tweak” ever in Audio.  If you believe in cables making a difference in sound and have spent money on cabling yet don’t have these.... you’re doing it wrong.  
Well, there is an audible difference in the video and I’m assuming it’s a listener commenting on how much better it sounds with them.  Though, I do question the overuse of the word “smear” in helping define what’s happening to the soundstage.
You’re suggesting that the audible difference you’re perceiving is due to the guy in the video suggesting it is happening?  

I wasn’t suggesting, as I identified there’s an audible difference.  Whether it sounds better, the listner in the video seems to think so; which, as we all know, is completely subjective.  

I have two pair.   Yes will make a clearly audible difference in many cases but not necessarily if speakers already rest on a rigid foundation.  
smear is exactly the word one would use to describe intermodulation of the desired signal with an effect caused by movement of the entire speaker back & forth from the drivers (esp. bass) & is the reason people buy heavy stands or cones, etc. 

Dick Vandersteen used to tell buyers to fill his stands with sand or lead shot for this reason

No idea if this brand is better than any other tho

quite possible that the power of suggestion in the video could cause a difference in perception by a listener - that is why we do blind testing

The real solution to this problem is a dipole radiator ...
I have been very interested in their new GIIA (sp ?). My speakers sit on a suspended wood floor of poor quality which has had a very negative impact on sound, particularly bass response B&W 800D. These products decouple speaker from floor and help to eliminate floor impact. Similar to townsend audio seismic platforms. Unfortunately they are limited to 225 lbs and mine weigh 275. I am now using a phenolic crystal 5/8" thick square piece under each spike with significant benefit. 
I just ordered 10 isopucks from Crutchfield . Already have the gaiia 2 which has worked on tekton di , king sound ks17 stats . on concrete . Will report back when pucks are under my source and amp/pre .
Excellent. maplegrovemusic! I called my Guitar Center about the Pucks, as they are an IsoAcoustics dealer. The numbskull kid had no idea what I was talking about, and was not the least bit interested in finding out.
All my comments are about the Gaia by IsoAcoustics. 

fossada, from what I understand the 225 lbs is not a limit but is the top of the optimal range of the performance. From there the performance will start to be reduced. So if I understand correctly you would get most of the benefits. But you should check with the designer to get the exact skinny as I am not sure what is the weight limit on the Gaia I vs the other two Gaia models. 

All others:
I have tried many types of isolators and/or vibration control over the years. Most did make a difference but they also made a negative overall impact in the sound. So not worthwhile. 
Only a few made a worthwhile improvement overall. 

This is whether under a speaker or equipment. 

I recently had the opportunity to try the Gaia under various types of equipment and can highly recommend them. 
I tried the Gaia in three different systems and with several different audio buddies. They were tried under several types of equipment. 
From a passive preamplifier, active preamplifier, two phono preamplifiers, two DACs, and  several amplifiers both stereo and mono blocks. Price of equipment ranged from a few thousand to over twelve thousand dollars. 
All agreed that the Gaia made a positive overall improvement in every case. 
Now the Gaia were just placed under each of the equipment (three Gaia per equipment) so there should be a slight additional improvement using them attached and in place of the equipments original footers. 

I also want to add that we tried them under a passive type power conditioner that already has anti-vibration built into it. Again it made an improvement. 

I hope this helped. 

Al Mirabella 
Ambassador, Sound Galleries & Taiko Audio 
Sound Test USA

PS at this moment I have no financial interests in IsoAcoustics. 

I am thinking about using the GAIA footers.  Currently my speakers are on a second floor with carpet.  I am spiking through to the sub floor.  I tried the Herbies gliders but liked the sound with the spikes to the sub floor better.  Has anyone had success for example using a one inch think piece of stone and spiking to that rather than the wood sub floor?  I'm trying to achieve greater isolation. 
Goose, I got really good results using the Aptitlig bamboo butcher blocks from IKEA. They are the largest ones. I use one under each speaker. If need be you can use more than one per speaker.