Isoclean vs. Oyaide

Has anyone compared Isoclean duplex/wallplate to the Oyaide R-1/carbon fiber wallplate? Haven't seen anything here about the Isoclean duplex/wallplates. Thanks!
I have a good friend that had all of Isoclean's power equipment including their receptacles and also the Acoustic Revive RTP-6 passive power conditioner loaded with Oyaide R-1s. I suggested that he try the Synergistic Research Teslaplex receptacle. Within weeks after installing the Teslaplex, he retired all of his Isoclean equipment and the RTP-6.

I have never tried an IsoClean receptacle personally. FWIW, here's my review of the Oyaide SWO-XXX & R1, the Porter Port (another very fine receptacle), and the Teslaplex:

If you will read the comments following the review, you will find comparisons of the Teslaplex and the IsoClean.
I will buy a Teslaplex simply to try it out, but having used the Oyaide, after using FIM 880s (the top level model as well as the less expensive ones) and PS Audio outlets, and having auditioned the Synergistic Apex and Precision Reference interconnects as well as their $2400 power cord, I might have a different perspective.
I found SR's Apex cable distinctly learning towards the midbass/lower midrange frequencies. It was through SR's principals that I ended up adding the Apex to the Precision Reference audition, mainly on the Cambridge Audio 840, which is certainly not a unit with a rich midbass - lower midrange frequency range. A distinct emphasis. I tried the power cord at the same time, and it was good, but not radically better than the Shunyata CX series power cords. Not even, actually, better. I'd call it a draw. And keep in mind the $2400 cost of the Synergistic vs. the Shunyata Python's $1100 cost. I believe the Anaconda would be closer to the Synergistic $2400 cord, but I found the Viper to be the SR's near equal. Of course, in this case, the outlet could have been the culprit, which only shows that we really need ALL factors to be equal. People with different receptacles will experience different results with their equipment.

I did find, as I mentioned on your review thread of the R1s, that they move the stage forward. However, they DON'T move the back of the stage forward as well, so you get great depth, as well as a very distinct layering of depth. As for them making all recordings sound similar: not my experience.
One thing that audiophiles overlook, in my experience, is the desire to have a system with a certain "sound" regardless of whether or not that would be what an actual instrument sounds like in real life. We cannot help it. Even HP, if you read between the lines, favors a "sound." He likes his midbass lean, his choice of cartridges have been lean (at least, up until a few years ago), and his choice of Nordost interconnects continue that. Until he got the Odins, he would not have, he said, thought the Valhallas threadbare, but then he realized they were.
I don't doubt the Teslaplex is outstanding, but I'd hardly ignore the low-level detail (with full harmonic recreation) of the R1s. However, I'll simply buy a Teslaplex and try it out myself.
You should really try the Precision Reference IC (all the way not just pre to power) and Precision AC. The Precision cables in the Tesla line have the balance you seem to prefer.

I too had Shunyata and also Audience but in my all Tesla system the SR powercords worked best for me. The trick is to finding the Tesla cables that have the balance that compliments your components and personal preferences. Your dealer really should lend you a complete set including options like all Precision Reference IC's along with an Apex to compare between source and pre.

Good luck.
The Teslaplex outlet looks like just a regular commercial grade Leviton treated with "Quantum tunnelling", whatever that is. The materials in Leviton receptacles is not on the same level as Oyaide or Furutech. I can't speak for Isoclean as I've never tried their outlets.
"The materials in Leviton receptacles is not on the same level as Oyaide or Furutech."

I agree they are different- in my system the Teslaplex is more open, dynamic and three dimensional. By compairison both the Oyaida and the Furuetech sound colored and closed in to differing degrees depending on the models material. They (Oyaide and Furutech but to a lesser degree) sound like old school WBT connectors with heavy machined metal connectors with thick gold and silver plating for the "bling" factor. Now WBT is building connectors with "mass reduction" as many people figured out that "bling" and music don't necessarily go hand in hand. The new WBT connectors with mass reduction sound much better btw.

I am in Dlcockrum's camp as his review is spot on to my ears (and in my 100% SR Tesla system). Your music may vary so do try and compare as this is the only way to be sure in your system with your powercords.
Shellie, my comment about Leviton not being on the same level was meant to be negative. I have used both Leviton and Furutech outlets. Let us just say I ditched Levitons many years ago. Its fine if you like Teslaplex. Others may get different results in their systems.
I did try the Precision Reference, as I mentioned in my post. I preferred it to the Apex.
My Tesla outlet will arrive Wednesday. Frankly, it will be terrific if it does superior to the Oyaide. I'm not sure what the "colored" aspect of the Oyaide is. I'm truly interested. What aspect of it do you find "colored"?
I'm curious how long the Teslaplex units take to break in. Perhaps it's the Audience Teflon line conditioner that is plugged into the Teslaplex outlet. Perhaps they don't "like" each other. OR, it may be that the Teslaplex needs time to break in. Whatever the case, I'm not noticing an increase in the sense of reality that the Audience affords: I'm hearing a decrease back to a more "reproduced" sound. Please note I'm not saying it won't improve, only that the FIM (gold) 880s WITH the Audience unit are undisputably clearer than the Teslaplex, but then, they FIMs are 3 years old: the Teslaplex 24 hours old. The noise floor is quite a bit higher, which leads me to believe, based on reports here, that it MUST be burn-in time. I can't imagine otherwise...
This is, therefore, not a slam of the Teslaplex: quite the contrary. It may cause new buyers to wait a while before they assess it.
So, I repeat, what's the break-in time on these things??
It may be break-in or it could be a compatibility issue between your powercords, line conditioner and the Teslaplex. When I installed a Teslaplex with my PowerCell 10SE the improvement was immediate. I also prefered the PowerCell to several line conditioners I auditioned through The Cable Company but at that point I already had all Tesla cables including PC's. There are no hard and fast rules to audio or system wide compatibility so the need to audition before you buy is imperative.
I'd agree, Shellie. There are many combinations that don't "like" each other. I'm sure that using Shunyata CX with Audience conditioners and a Tesla unit may not be the best choice, which is why I've decided that tomorrow, I'm putting the FIM 880 gold back on an outlet that has the "regular" FIM outlet on it so that I can move the Audience conditioner between the 3 outlets. I know the R1 has the least electronic glaze at the earlier stage of break-in. I was actually praying to be bowled over by the Teslaplex as soon as I installed it, but was disappointed. However, I know that break-in time is important.
I WANT the Telsa unit to be wonderful: who wants to spend money and be disappointed? I've no attachment to Oyaide or anyone else: I just want the least electronic-sounding musical experience possible without it being euphonically enhanced. So far, it's the Oyaide. Here's hoping the Tesla outdoes it!!