Isolation for Rega Apollo / Saturn?

Hi all,

Just wondering what isolation devices people have found work well with these players (feet and/or shelves etc.)

I've seen other posts here and on other sites where people mention the Apollo/Saturn doesn't respond that well to isolation..

I tried a Black Diamond Racing 'Shelf' from elsewhere in my system under my new Saturn, and, while resolution was improved, musically it didn't seem much better at all.. maybe even worse in some aspects.

I'm thinking of trying some Finite Ceraballs or something.

What have people found works best? I've seen users on this site and other forums mention that these cd players don't respond that well to isolation, and accordingly have just remained with the stock feet on the rack. (The BDR Shelf experiment above would certainly contribute to that theory given the Shelf is an amazing device that has worked wonders elsewhere in my system - with the Saturn though, not that remarkable at all..) On the other hand I tried the stock feet as others have relied on, and the sound was pretty awful.. Muddy and lacking in detail/musicality (compared to a Black Diamond Racing Shelf - as you may reasonably well expect, given the price of a BDR Shelf..)

Surely there must be some solutions! Anyone out there with positive experiences with isolation for these players - I would love to hear from you!! Thankyou!!


In my experience, all of these feet/cones whatevers, are tuning devices and their effectiveness is system and taste-dependent. Personally, I've never found any device that improves every sonic area across the board, although I haven't tried everything. I don't have the patience for that stuff anymore. I just try to buy components I really like and listen to them.
I use inverted Vibrapod Cones (about $8 each) under the feet of my Rega Saturn as well as other Rega electronics. At the time I experimented with these a couple years ago I thought they added a touch of resolution, but I can't say I found it was terribly dramatic. The diameter of the cones aligns perfectly with the diameter of Rega's rubber feet, giving the appearance if you didn't know any better that the upside-down cones are built in. Light-duty double-stick tape is enough to hold them on.
Herbies Tall Tenderfeet are remarkably effective; although they look like nothing exceptional their performance is.
A 90-day money back guarantee gives sufficient time to ecvaluate them
Thanks for all your responses guys. Sincerely appreciate it.

I've heard Vibrapods are pretty good with these Apollo/Saturn players. I might give these a try. I've also heard the Herbies feet are good too! Thanks for the info on the money-back guarantee as well on these that's great to know.

My experience with the Herbies Tall Tender feet was mixed, They made a very real improvement beneath my transport and DAC, but there was no sonic improvement when placed under my linestage and amplifiers(although these components came with standard feet to address vibration control). So they may be more effective with digital source components.
I use a 1.75"*12"*18" thick slab of hardwood (cutting board from with rubber pyramid footers from Radioshack. Works pretty well-- especially for $30. Looks good too as the dimensions are just about ideal aesthetically. Slight touch of extra resolution. Isolating my Saturn did not yield the same amount of improvement as isolating my previous Quad unit.

BTW, this is combined with a Salamander Archetype rack.

Very little/minor changes with my Apollo in my system. What worked best was having the Apollo on an Ikea Lack end table. I didn't use that long term as it didn't have enough of an effect to make my room ugly.

Hockey pucks under the feet were pretty good as well.

Nothing was really dramatic; I think the differences were pretty subtle. That's a very good thing for me because I can focus on far more important things.