iTunes 9 issues?

Since upgrading to iTunes 9, I haven't been able to add AIF files to my library. Anyone else suffering similar issues?
I just tried adding a couple of .aiff files in iTunes 9 on my Macbook and it worked fine. Can you describe what is happening when you try and fail? I'll try to replicate.
Hi there Sfar. Under the file menu, I select "Add to library", and then select the folder I want to add. Upon doing this, the "adding files" window opens, and starts to process the files I'm adding. It then stalls, and the beach ball starts to spin. If I leave it long enough, it will actually process all the files, but only add 2 or 3 out of the 11 I'm trying to add.
Thinking that this could be a corrupt file problem, I have tried adding other files with the same results. I am running a MacBook 2gHz dual core intel, with 1.66 mHz RAM. The operating system is OSX 10.4.11. iTunes is 9.0.2.
My library resides on 4 500 gig external drives.

I have never experienced this problem before.
Thanks for your help.
Hmmm, well, I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help.

I created a desktop folder with 23 AIFF files and followed the steps you outlined. It imported all of them just fine and they play as expected from iTunes. I didn't time it but I'd guess it took less than two minutes to do the whole 1.04Gb folder.

I'm on a MacBook Pro 2.2gHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4Gb of RAM running OS X 10.6.1. iTunes is version 9.0.2, like yours.

I don't have any guesses, sorry.
Hi Sfar, thank you so much for your efforts.

I think I must have had a number of corrupt files. I trashed all of the AIF files waiting to be added to my library, and re-converted the original FLAC files. After doing this, I am now able to add the AIF files to my library.

How the files became corrupted, and why none of my software was able to detect they were corrupt is a mystery to me. It must have been pure coincidence that their corruption coincided with the iTunes upgrade.
Great, glad it worked.

I expect you're right. The files I tested were copied to the desktop folder straight from a couple of CD's and had never been through any kind of conversion.