J.A. Mitchell TecnoDec vs. Clearaudio Emotion CMB

I plan to upgrade my existing turntable in the next year or two. I prefer a natural, organic presentation that is highly musical - I listen primarily to blues, folk, indie, and rock (lots of acoustic stuff).

I'm considering the following two options:
1) Clearaudio Emotion CMB w/ Satisfy Tonearm (perhaps w/ upgraded feet)
2) J.A. Michell TecnoDec w/ RB250 Special

I will pair the TT with the following:
- Naim Nait 5i-2
- Naim CD5i-2
- Pro-Ject Tube Box II
- Harbeth P3ESR

So, based on my requirements, which TT would you recommend and why? Thanks!
I would think a Phono Cartridge choice will be as important as a TT . I would guess a " Top of the Line " Moving Magnet [ Clearaudio , Grado , Soundsmith [ MI ] etc. ] will be in order . Although I prefer Low Output MC Cartridges , they may cost half as much again [ and more ] as your TT of choice .

Think of your TT and Cartridge as a whole component to insure synergy .
Granted, but my strategy is to pick a TT first, then to identify appropriate cartridge options. I've always been told that investing in the source is what's most important - tonearms and cartridges come and go. Besides, given the plethora of MM/MC options out there, I'm sure I can find a synergistic match for either TT.

So, sidestepping the question of which cartridge I will be pairing with each, which TT do you feel represents the best fit? What about value?
Hello Jferreir,

If you can have the Michell Tecnoarm on that Tecnodec that's the best choice between the two TT.
Great underrated arm

My cent!
I have the Clearaudio Performance with Satisfy arm and Lyra Helikon and love it. It's a no-nonesense, easy to maintain setup that sounds wonderful. I think it's strong points are sound-staging, pace, and an even treatment of frequencies, with no particular area out-shining the others (bass, mids, highs). It's very engaging and present, as opposed to laid-back or romantic. I would say it errs on the accurate side of organic, but not in a sterile or mechanical way--just that it's not the lush side of organic.

My friend has the Tecnodec and he loves it as well. My experience with suspended tables is that they can be highly musical and perhaps a bit lusher, but maybe not as faithful to the recordings as an unsuspended design. Again, doesn't mean I'm right, but in my discussions with my buddy about our tables (he's heard mine, I haven't heard his) he thinks mine perhaps bests his on sound staging and PRaT, while his is perhaps sweeter sounding.

I don't think you can go wrong here either way. If I were doing it again I wouuld perhaps focus on the arm and cartridge first, then figure out the table, but who knows. Enjoy!
Thank you for the responses.

I should probably mention that I'm on an extremely tight budget. If I were to purchase the TecnoDec, I would get it equipped with the RB250 Special. I would then upgrade to the Tecnoarm in a year or two.

Similarly, if I purchased the Emotion CMB, I would wait to upgrade the feet. In terms of cartridges, I haven't really thought much about them. I would begin with a sub $500 cart and upgrade as funds become available.

So, based on that approach, would the RB250 Special compete well with the Satisfy?
If you get that TechnoDec w/RB250 -- at the top of your mod list should be to send the tone off and get an incognito tonearm wiring kit installed. It made a world of difference with the cardas wiring & well worth the $300.

"This wiring upgrade simply takes the already excellent Rega tonearms up to the next level. Using Cardas 6N, high purity copper, the Incognito Wire upgrade brings one long unbroken signal transfer from cartridge pins to RCAs. This bring unparalleled clarity, detail, and dynamics with no signal loss. Now, the Rega arms deliever all their design is capable of finally taking them to true giant killer status.

• Tonearm Cable Kit for all Rega RB Series Tonearms
• One piece pure copper wiring headshell to RCA output.
• Fully balanced twisted pair design "Faraday Cage" shield .
• "Star" grounding removes arm ground from signal path
• Direct Gold Plated non-magnetic RCA plugs
• Cardas Gold Plated cartridge pin clips
• 1.2 Meter external cable length
• Flexible construction allows use on suspended turntables
• 33 AWG Litz wire assures free movement of tonearm."
I have a similar system (Exposure 2010S, Stirling LS3/5A, Audience cables and power and a TecnoDec/RB250 special with Denon Dl-160 HOMC). I tried a Marantz table (made by ClearAudio) and it wasn't as quiet or musical as the Tecnodec in my opinion. The TecnoDec has a DC motor which is uncommon at that price which I think has a lot to do with it. Also, the self oiling bearing is a masterpiece of design. The table is beautifully machined and easy to setup and operate. Try it first w/o the incognito rewire. The incognito was very microphonic and subject to RFI for me. My system sounded better with the stock RB250 cable (yeah, I know it is cheap and flimsy looking but it works). I'd save the $300 and put it into something else in your system. I agree the TechnoArm would be a great upgrade, one that I'm considering myself. Hope this helps.
Thank you for the responses.

After reading this feedback, I have one final worry... Am I splitting hairs? I don't intend on tweaking too much, and I want to begin with a sub $500 cartridge. Perhaps I will eventually graduate to a Benz Micro, but I know I could never bring myself to spend more than $1,000 on a consumable.

I've heard that the Emotion CMB can sound somewhat 'lean', but will that negative attribute be readily apparent with a sub $500 cartridge? Or will those attributes only be audible with expensive low output MCs?

Provided the cartridge will limit the difference, the decision between the Emotion CMB and the TecnoDec then comes down to the following:
- CMB vs. DC Motor
- Satisfy Tonearm vs. Special RB250

Which do you think is the more sensible choice? I can get a mint demo TecnoDec for the same price as a new Emotion CMB. Unfortunately, I don't have the opportunity to audition either of them

Thanks again for the help.
A $500 cartridge should have no problem "resolving" the difference between tables. I graduated from the Benz L2 to the under $400 AT33PTG.

If it were me, I'd hold out for a Gyro.
A vote for the Michell. It takes a very good uni-pivot arm to do bass properly. You will get bass from the Michell.
lol yes, what TT did you go with in 2010?  was it your end game? ;D  still have it?