Japanese reissue specialist

Hey guys, I am usually pretty good about finding lps on the internet. but one seems to have me stumped. I am looking for the 180g japanese reissue of the zombies oddessy and oracle. it was printed back in 2007 and seems to be barren from the nets. does anyone know a dealer that may have even a used copy or in best hopes a new copy?
fyi...i picked it up, along with 10cc's first and T.Rex- The Slider (the same label..Imperial) the attention to detail, on the discs and covers was not there, the sound was dull, and the grooves noisey. all were uniformly bad. if you have a recent mini lp cd, you still have the best version to date.
mofimadness and jaybo thanks. yea I guess if the issue isnt worth it im not going to bother picking it up. I have had the cds for begin here and odessey and they blew me away, picked them up after seeing kill bill and hearing it for the first time. I found one copy of oddesey but it was so scratched I really want to have a nice lp copy, and i expected a lot based on the sounds of the cds. has anyone tried the current press out of england is it worth a grab for 20 bucks?
i'm a zombies freak, and own pretty much every configeration of this release. i would recommend any uk vinyl re-issue. i thought i'd hit paydirt when the japanese pressing became available, and couldn't believe how poor it was. the biggest disappointment ever for a japanese vinyl release.