Jazz for someone who doesn't like jazz.

I've toyed with the idea of looking into jazz. Not sure why. Not sure what I'm looking for. Maybe just something to sound good on my system. I realize jazz is a broad category but much of what I hear I have not been attracted to. Don't ask me what I've heard.
What I'd like is a recommendation of two or three albums to start with. (I know that's insane)

And since I've given next to nothing to go on I'll point out a few things that I do like that might help narrow it down some maybe.

Jazz-like stuff I do like: Steely Dan. Almost all of their stuff. Van Morrison's jazz influenced stuff like Astral Weeks.
I like blues. Delta and hill country hard core blues.

I like a wide variety of rock from heavy metal, to prog rock to classic R&B.
Does any of that help? I know this is a crazy request but if I could get some recommendations I'll at least have somewhere to start. Not looking for specific recordings yet. Just content. When I find what I like I'll research the best recordings.
Thanks for any possible advice.

"Listening to Ronnie Earl right now. I dig it but if no one had told me I would have just called it straight up blues"

There are many categories of Blues just like Jazz or any genre.

I absolutely love Ronnie Earls music, and I would place him in the Jazz/Blues, or Blues/Jazz, or straight up Blues if you wish.

Ronnie is one of the most under-rated Blues guitarists in the world! Kudos to him! 
Might want to try some Ronnie Earl "Blues and Ballads" Bela Fleck, Charles Loyd, Little Charlie and the night cats,David "Fathead" Newman! Good stuff! 
+1 Weather Report
+1 Swiss Movement

McCann/Harris sound great! The Speakers Corner pressing is lovely.

Very Fun.

And Heavy Weather is another very enjoyable piece to put on.

Ben Webster has a great tone and soulful style of playing. Lou Donaldson is another that has a super cool tone. "Blues Walk" would be a good one to start with.