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Whatever happened to . . . (Audio Reviewers)
Does anybody know if Marty DeWulf (not sure of spelling) of "Bound for Sound" is still around?  
Jazz for someone who doesn't like jazz.
Might want to try some Ronnie Earl "Blues and Ballads" Bela Fleck, Charles Loyd, Little Charlie and the night cats,David "Fathead" Newman! Good stuff!  
John Prine, singer, songwriter, legend - Dead at 73 from COVID-19
Sad,sad day indeed! I can still remember hearing "In spite of ourselves" the first time.I thought who is this guy? He has to be one of the most underrated songwriters of our time.Right up there with Kris Kristofferson, Dave Carter, Merle Haggard, ... 
Looking into speaker upgrade/change?
Good evening all, had a chance over the weekend to get a pair of the Aerial 6T and the Revel f208 s. Got to listen to them both in my room with my stuff. Both of these speakers sounded great with my Pass X250.8 but the Clayton couldn't quite get t... 
Looking into speaker upgrade/change?
tvad  The 7Bs needed power! I had a spectron musician III hooked to them and they sounded great. Just a little lite in the bass for my taste. 
Looking into speaker upgrade/change?
ctsooner2  Yes, the Clayton is really more like 80 watts.Pure class A. It's impressive. But they are not what my Pass X250.8 is either. The Clayton just sounds so good. I don't listen above 86 db anyway. This can depend on if Bourbon was some how ... 
Looking into speaker upgrade/change?
Haven't heard any of them. Have owned Audio Physics Scorpios and loved them. They were just a little bass shy. Also owned a pair of Aerial 7Bs and loved them as well. They too were a little lite in the bass. Amps have always been class A ,Pass, BE... 
Recent experience with Gershman Avant Garde
My BMW M3 is anything but dull and flat! 
Do true audiophiles own Mcintosh gear
Sherlock Holmes does on Elementary! 
Allman Brothers Band -- Shades of Two Worlds
I'm with you Adam. I've been following them as well. First time I didn't actually see the Allmans but saw Greg solo at the Attic in Greenville NC. I believe it was 1979 or so. It was a spiritual experience. Just Greg and his Hammond B3. Seen them ... 
Marsh Amps Still in business ?
It's sad because they made good stuff. A lot better than some gear that cost several times what the Marsh retailed for. 
How Pathetic is Welborne Labs?
This is nothing new. Welborne has been known (from those who have dealt with them) for poor service and bad business practices for years now. Just don't do business with them. This thread should help some other unsuspecting potential victim. Keep ... 
Rolling Stones Tour 2015
It's kind of funny,music,groups are all about the timing. Early Stones stuff I don't care for as well as the later stuff but,Sticky Fingers,Black and Blue,and Some Girls were it for me. Loved those albums. Those were great times. 
Anything wrong with PS Audio DirectStream DACs?
I had a PS Direct Stream w/the Transport combo in my home from PS. It was the latest w/ DSD,Pike's Peak upgrade all the new bells and whistles. It would not play some of my CD collection as I still spin disk. It was a little cheesy built. The disp... 
High value, high efficiency speakers for SET amps
Look into Clayton Shaw's new line Spatial Audio. I have a pair as well as my DIY Audio Nirvana offerings. Don't listen to the " if you gonna go SET you need a super duper ultra hi high efficient speaker crowd" With a 300B (6-9 watts) you'll be fin...