jbl speakers

thoughts on the jbl paragon speakers that the japanese love.
The Paragon is the Holy Grail. It was a console loudspeaker made to the finest specification. Expensive then and expensive now. However it is a vintage loudspeaker and time has passed on. 
Even if I had the room to accommodate it, I’d take a pass on it and go for a current pair of JBLs. You can position them much more easily and save a lot of money.

Paragons in great shape can command $30K and for less you can still get some great JBL speakers. You could even try out something from Kenrick over in Japan who completely rebuild some great older JBLs for a living.
And here is there YouTube channel for sound you can lust after:
Happy hunting 😄 and by the way, they sell out very quickly. As fast as they can make them.

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The first time I heard the Paragon I was very impressed. They still sound good, but just too big. I personally prefer a pair of modified Hartsfield with 2405 tweeters. JBL still makes some excellent studio monitors that are much smaller and maybe better than the Paragon. Haven't heard a Paragon in ages...
The Paragon was designed and built more as a lifestyle statement product than a serious piece of audio engineering. The nouveau rich bought them to impress their friends, but better speakers were available at the time for much less money. This is even more true now.