Jeff Rowland Daemon

Does anyone own a Jeff Roland Daemon integrated amp and if so, what are your thoughts on its sound quality? How close does it compete to separates?


Great question. I am looking forward to someone with experience answering the question.

I have always had a very soft spot for Rowland stuff. Really excellent sounding, low noise floor and natural, musical detailed sound.


I would right down the costs of their preamp / amp combos and integrates in ascending order and I would think they would fall in order of better sound / investment. Just a data point, but at this level of price I would think you get the sound quality / cost.


Of course if you are serious about buying this, an audition is mandatory, even if you need to fly there.

I heard one powering some incredible Sound Lab speakers that were 7 feet tall. Given how unusual those speakers are, I cannot imagine where the amp sound characteristics ended and the speakers began.