Jennifer Warnes 20th Anniversary Fam Blue Raincoat

Has anyone gotten their hands on the digitally remastered copy of Jennifer Warnes Famous Blue Raincoat yet? I know it was released Aug 7th. If so, how does it compare to the original cd or vinyl LP? I've heard rumours (I thought I read it on audiogon..but not sure) that there are plans to release this 20th Anniversary edition on vinyl as well. Can anyone confirm this?

Well Acoustic Sounds in the regular email messages I receive from them as the CD as a "preorder" for $18.98 or so, but there is no mention of the vinyl version. I would not buy the vinyl if remastered digitally. Why bother?
Got mine yesterday and have not really had time to compare to my other copy. First impressions are that sound has been cleaned up a bit with much of the brightness gone that bothered me on my standard issue cd. There are 4 bonus tracks including "Ballad Of A Runaway Horse" that is a different version than the duet she did with Wasserman years ago. Pre-ordered mine from Amazon a couple weeks ago.

I'll probably check out the new re-master because I'm a fan. However, I'd be surprised if it sounds better than my Private Music gold cd or my German Zounds "Best of" compilation cd.
Has anyone heard the Anniversary re-master yet? If so, what's the diagnosis?
Well...I finally got my copy of the 20th Anniversary edition, and it definitely sounds more dynamic top to bottom; micro-details are more apparent(similar to switching from copper to silver speaker cables)...and Jennifer's voice is more forward and perhaps a bit edgy. I would say that it's a marginal upgrade from my regular cd version (which sounds muted in comparision), but I still prefer my LP the best.
Hi all

I just bought mine, and while it's cleaner and more detailed than the original, I also felt the vocals were a little too forward. I wish they'd done a SACD version instead.

The CD also contains a previously unreleased verion of "Ballad of the Runaway Horse". However, it can't compete with gorgeous version from Wasserman's "Trios".

All in all, IMHO, no need to rush to the shops if you already own a decent pressing of the original. YMMV.

This seems to be the case with a lot of remasters I've heard. The sound is "cleaned up" and some of the warmth or body is removed and gives the impression of brightness. Very unfortunate situation. I think I'll pass on this one and continue to listen to my gold Private Music CD. Such a great album, you'd think someone would want to "improve" the sound.
That bright edginess is like fingernails on a blackboard to me.
Maybe you folks need an upgrade with your cdp's or dac's, as this is much better than the original cd, and a hair better than the sony cdp released in the far east, which was much better than the cypress release in north america.

There will be a vinyl remaster available in the near future.

This new one beats my vinyl as I wore it out, literally.

Thanks Lwood.

First thing I'm going to do today is upgrade all of my cd players and D/A converters.

I've been waiting for a good reason to do it.