Jimmy Page?

Can anyone tell me what brand guitar or amp Jimmy likes to play, or has been known to use? My 18 year old nephew is his biggest fan and I would like to send him a tee shirt, like Fender, Marshall, or Vox, etc. Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.
Jimmy's most associated during his Zep days with Gibson Les Pauls ( Gibson has a Jimmy Page Signature version now.) However, he's also well remembered for his double neck Gibson SG and his Danelectro. A Fender Telecaster was used on occasion as well. He used a Martin D-28 for acoustic stuff after 1971. When I saw him play at the end of his Yardbirds tour of duty, he was using a Fender Twin Reverb amp. I remember well because I sat just offstage beside his amp and was damn near deaf for a day afterwards! He also used a Vox AC30 during the Yardbirds days. Later on with the Zep, Marshall SLP-1959 amps were his general choice of aural assault. He also used HiWatt, Vox AC30's, UniVox, and Orange amps, depending on the sound he needed.
For the composition of the bulk of Led Zeppelin songs, Page used a Gibson Les Paul guitar with Marshall amplification. In the recording studio Page would use almost exclusively a Fender Telecaster with Vox, Fender, and Orange amplification. His use of the Sola Sound Tone Bender Professional MKII fuzzbox ("How Many More Times"), slide guitar ("You Shook Me", "Dancing Days", "In My Time of Dying"), pedal steel guitar ("Your Time Is Gonna Come", "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You", "Tangerine", "That's the Way" and for effect at the very end of "Over the Hills and Far Away"), and acoustic guitar ("Gallows Pole", "Ramble On") also demonstrated his versatility and creativity as a composer.
Don't forget about his Danelectro Silvertone and the odd looking Shortorn!!!! If memory served, he played around with pickup winding configurations with these babies. Phase canceling, output boosting, hum bucking....... Good stuff. I seem to remember a quote somewhere about a "Page-bucker"
Just noticed the Danelctro nod in Photo46. Nice

Oh, and I think the Double Neck SG is the quintessential Jimmy Page image. All those shots of him playing stairway on it. It might be a bit Cliché for the equipement knowledgable teen.

Get him a Les Paul shirt.
Thanks to all, I knew you guys would know more about this than I do. I grew up with Led Zep, but haven't been paying too much attention lately. Hearing Led Zep #I cranked up in a Lafayette Radio store is what started my audiophile life. I think it's cool that this teen is loving the same stuff I grew up with in the late sixties / early seventies. Thanks again for the good suggestions.
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