Jitter reduction, best device?

Am wondering what is the best device for jitter reduction and for producing an analogue like sound. I've read about the Genisis Digital Lens, GW Labs Processor, Monarchy Digital Processor, Meridian 518 Processor. Are there others to consider and are there any decent reviews that compare the various devices? I run an MSB Gold dac to a Dyna amp. The sound is very good but feels a bit "clinical". Thanks.
Further to Mapman's question, which was not answered. How does one know if jitter is a problem? "Digitalis"? Does that mean the shrill (un-tubelike) sound of many CDs?

I've read a good bit on line about this and it is still clear as mud to me how to diagnose a jitter problem as opposed to other forms of unpleasant things in sound reproduction.

I think I understand what jitter is and how some kinds can be offensive and others not, similar to various distortions found in vinyl playback. In both cases, the only thing I find I can trust is my ears to tell me whether things are going right or not.

I would consider buying a jitter reduction device if I knew how to conclusively diagnose a jitter issue, but I don't.

I have found different DACs can make a world of difference in regards to good digital sound but I have no clue about how much jitter is introduced by any particular device, though I do believe all devices, even those with the best clocking mechanisms introduce some.

After all, nothing is perfect. In the end, all I know for sure is to trust what I hear.
i disagree on your theory that your ears can tell if you have jitter or not. all i can tell you is if you hook up the jitter device between the source component and the dac, you will hear a big improvement, something you won't hear until you hear hear the difference. just like going from a mid-fi system to a hi-fi system. you might think how can music sound any better than this mid-fi system. you won't know until you hear a system that produces music that you haven't heard before. also, i'm not talking about a shrill sound becoming warm or rough edges. a jitter device is not going to make a bad system great. my den system consists of a dk design integrated amp, dvp9000es, adcom gda-700 dac, totem speakers and subwoofer, and a connection from my music server. a decent system for a den. when i placed a cheap audio alchemy jitter device (get my feet wet with jitter devices), my sub was way out of adjustment (more powerful and way too loud), and the whole soundstage opened up. when you get a better jitter device, it opens up the sound even more. bottom line, i got as much improvement from the jitter device as i did placing the dac in the system.
In truth, Digitalis would be from the Foxglove plant and the origin of Digoxin, a heart medication. Digititis would be the proper audiophile term for an unpleasant sharp and edgy sound derived from digital sources, such as compact discs. Just to be precise!