JMW 9 maybe likes to track carts lighter

I am finding out that I am getting better results with tracking my carts towards the lighter side of the recommended force of the cartridge with the JMW 9 Memorial. For instance, my Glider recommended force is between 1.8 and 2.0. I was tracking my Glider close to 2.0. I was just not right. Then down to 1.95, still hearing tracking error, but more air. I read that when you get tracking error that you should increase the tracking force. The manual actually says to track heavier to alleviate antiskate related performance issues. I was caught up with that for quite a while. Then I decided to try going lighter. Right now I am around 1.7 (little above) and it tracks great. My antiskate issues have decreased and the cart just tracks more accurately with tons more air, a lot less distortion, and a lot less innr groove distortion. So maybe depending on what the cartridge wants to see could mean more than just going heavier. Maybe I will keep this table and arm after all. If you have a JMW arm, you might be pleasantly suprised if you try this. I thought lighter would be worse, not better. I am always learning in this hobby.

I am using an old Shure tracking force gauge. I am wondering about the accuracy. I may get a digital gauge as I can see how critical this is.
How wrong you are. Best performance from a cartridge is when the sylus that's sitting in the groove is tracking at its optimum position. Something is wrong with your setup, and I am sure you can get better sound tracking the cartridge as it was designed to track. By reducing the VTF of your cartridge, you changed the VTA. It is a testament as to how good the cartridge is that it can be so wrongly set up and still provide acceptable sound. This comment is not aimed at Tzh21y...if you are happy, be happy... I say this so others don't screw around with their setup and ruin it. If my car says to put 35 pounds of air in the tires, and I find that it even gives me better gas mileage when I have 55 pounds of air, its just plain wrong.
I'm glad you've found improvement but there shouldn't be any issues at all. Listen to a $20 thrift '80's **competently** engineered TT with perhaps an Audio Technica or Shure cart and try to contain your anger.
I am actually tracking at a hair above 1.8 grams, well within the recommended tracking range. It did sound better at 1.7 than it did at 2.0. The Glider sounds way too squashed and dark at 2.0 to my ears at least.

Sibilance was lessened considerably at 1.7, but the sound was too strident.

I still wonder about the accuracy of the shure stylus gauge.

JDaniel, you are probably right about the audio technica and the shure. MM designs would probably sound better on this table.

Stringreen I know all that, that is nothing new to me. I readjusted the VTA. I think the Glider wants to see a lighter tracking force with the JMW 9. They advise you to go higher than the optimum tracking force in the manual which also would also not make sense. As long as I stay within the recommended tracking range I should be fine.

Are their better tables, sure. Better arms, sure. For the money, the Scout is a decent table to start with. You can learn a lot from it.

I had a kindly exchange with someone on here who had the exact same combo I did, the JMW 9 arm and Dyna xxII cart. I believe he damped the arm to improve it.
I doubt that the Dyna needs damping to improve it. Sure if the listener likes it like that ..fine, Too much damping closes in the sound. It is very easy to overdamp the VPI arm. Use only 1 small drop at a time, and listen to the changes. If the 1 drop does improve it, do a next drop, until it all goes south....remove the last 1 drop, and enjoy.
lol. The arm does track better at the lighter setting with the Glider. Does a Mission Mechanic track better, yes, a Triplanar, probably.

If I had a thousand lps, I would get more serious about a better front end, but given my collection of about 500, this table is not bad. Not the best, not for $1800.00, thats for sure. Ever since I stopped using the defective H2, I have had an easier time living with the Scout and JMW 9. I would like to try a Basis with a Graham arm someday when I can afford it. The thing is a guy I know has this old table of about 25 years old that just is amazing to listen to. It is an old Mission 774 table with the arm that preceeded the Mechanic. I have never seen one come up for sale here.
Regarding the Shure Bros. scale. If you weigh put the scale at the very beginning of the platter..with the front "feet" off the edge, it is remarkabley accurate.