Job SYS closed business

Was very tempted to buy an INT but looks like they're folded up. 
Best time to buy one.

the price will drop precipitously, and then it will creep back up again. As there is nothing inside them that the average decent technician can't figure out how to fix.
I probably would but their site is all but shut down and you don't see too much Job equipment on the used market. I've been tracking them for a while, shame it didn't work out. 
They were a part of Goldmund and built in the same factory.  Goldmund is not going anywhere they just decided to stop this direct sale portion of the company. 
Job had only a few products, the 225 amp being the biggest seller. Unfortunately for Job, Nuforce was licensed the amp topology from Goldmund, and the STA 200 took off, at the great price of $499. I know people who sold the Job 225, purchased the Nuforce STA 200, pocketed the rest, and are just as happy. The Nuforce is still available, new, with warranty, and still at $499, so who would buy the 225, for the difference ? Goldmund / Job shot themselves in the foot, as far as  my thinking goes. IMO of course. With the proper speakers, you can buy the STA 200, and a Schiit pre and dac, and come away with, as good, or better, for less, than the integrated. Again, IMO. Enjoy ! MrD. 
Yeah I hear ya, I've got a Saga and Gumby already...I'm sure they'd all mate up very nicely. I was very intrigued by Job when I first read about the 225, and a few months ago I stumbled onto the STA as well. Nice to hear that even with half the transistors that it holds it's own to the 225. I love toying around with different combos but part of me was kinda wanting a nice integrated for simplicity and the INT got great reviews.  
Just wondering. Would the STA be enough to power a pair of the new small Magnepans?
I seem to remember OCD HiFi Guy having a youtube video of the STA with some Magnepan .7's.   He has a couple videos posted on the amp.
If it is any indication, I know of someone running an STA 200 with a pair of MMGs, and is quite pleased. He replaced an older Rotel RB 870bx amp with the STA, and found it to be a night and day improvement. He is out of state from me, and has followed me here, contacting me for advice, so I have not heard his system myself. I have spoken very highly about the amp in other threads, and in my opinion, " in the right system ", it is, at $499., a bargain. Enjoy ! MrD.