Jolida JD700 vs Jolida JD100A

Was interested in upgrading my CD player from the Onkyo changer that I have to a better sounding tube based CD player. I have has an opportunity to listen to the Jolida JD100a CD player and liked it enought that I'm seriously considering adding one to my modest system (Jolida 502A integrated amp and Madisound speakers). Now browsing through the Audiogon ads, I see both Jolida JD100A CD and the Jolida JD700 DVD/CD players on sale. Naturally the thought occured to me that maybe having a player that could play both DVDs and CDs might the way to go (My current DVD player is budget Toshiba). The only thing is, I've never actually heard the JD700. So the question is, has anyone listened to these two players and could tell me the differences and similarites (especially from a sonic standpoint) that exist between the two?

Btw, while I appreciate whatever suggestions that you 'goners have to share, I would appreciate it even more if the discussion stays focused between these two Jolida players.

Although I have not heard the JD700A I'll chime in and say that the JD100 is a very solid performer. I have a modified JD100. Although I have other players, I've had it longer than any other piece in my system. Every time I think of selling it, I compare it to other better players, and it is close in performance. I use herbies tube dampers and have used it with several good aftermarket pc's. In general, for redbook, a multi format player will not outperform a dedicated cd player in the same price class and particularly within the same brand. However, I'm sure you already know that. But to get more solid feedback on a comparison of the two unit, I'd call one of the dealers, Response Audio, United Home Audio, or Underwood, and get their take on the comparison of the two on redbook.

Thank you for your input. Actually I sent Bill Baker at Response Audio an email about this about week or so ago, but as of yet haven't heard back from him (my guess Bill is either busy, or on vacation, as he's usually pretty good about getting back in touch with people), in any case, I think I will take your suggestion and sent an email to both United and Underwood and see what they have to say about these two Jolidas.

Once again, thank you for your comment and suggestion.
I love my JD-100A from Underwood HiFi. I am sure that Wally will write you back, but he has always been very accessible by phone and will answer all your questions at length. I have not used the Jolida DVD player.
I auditioned both players. (Plus a Cary CD308, Rega Planet 2000, and an Onkyo DVD player)

Without going into detail, the audio performance of the 700 isn't up to the 100.

The 700's remote was also a cheap waffer remote (like that of the Bose radio).

The video performance of the 700 was very good, much better than the Onkyo DVD I compared it to. But with the new upsampling DVD players out there I'd leave it alone, being that the audio is not anywhere close to the 100's audio.

That being said, if you want good CD playback I found the entry Cary CD308 far superior to the JD100, and that is what I end up owning. The Cary was better than the Rega Planet 2000 as well. Now with the Rega Apollo out, I'd look seriously at it for cd playback.