Jolida JD100A

Ok based on the hundreds of positive reviews about this CDP I have decided to purchase one with a level 1 mod but I still have a couple of questions.
1. I see that both Verastarr and Underwood Wally sell this unit with their own modifications. Wondering if someone could give me advice on which one to choose? Pros and cons of both if any.

2. Being new to the "tube" world I was hoping I could get some advice on a good match for Jazz and Rock? I enjoy Rock music which is bass inclined (not hip hop), such as RUSH or Primus. I am also looking for great separation in the instruments with a deep soundstage. And of course the mids and highs are very important in their fluidity and detail.

3. Finally, like I said I am new to tubes and I am wondering how long they last.

I will be pairing the Jolida up with a pair of Monitor Audio Gold Ref20 and will be upgrading to either a plinius 9200 or Belles 250i integrated amp in the near future. I am also using Zu Cables across the board. Wax biwires for the speakers and Gede as the interconnect.
Thanks again for all your wonderful help!
As far as tubes go...

I think based on the experience I had, which includes listening to a little Primus, that the SED tubes would work great for your listening tastes. Now lots of other factors will come into play in your system, but they're a pretty good place to start in my opinion.

I picked up my pair from

Plain and simple, Underwood stands behind everything they sell. That should be quite important since the mods should void the manufacturer warranty. I would trust Wally any day to make things "right". Plus, Wally has good taste!
i have underwood great unit no choice in my opinon i went to telefunken after 200 hour burn in most went other tubes rca i tried rca blah
Another option is Sound Odyssey. My level 1 modded Jolida will be here Monday. I have been supremely impressed with its owner, Brice Donnely
Hello All,
The difference between mods is subtle, but evident. Verastarr uses Copper damping which shields in addition to damping, also the outputs are Silver cardas audio and are more open sounding than the vampire wire versions (we tested) also Verastarr gives you Gold output wire on the second set of outputs as a bonus. Another item is the diodes in the power upply which "wally" does not include with his mod. You must also pay wally to ship from Canada. The Verastarr mods are 100% Jolida Factory backed, and the player comes with a full warranty. Verastarr is a manufacturer and does everything in-house, while wally sells someone elses work (chris johnson). Thebottom line is that you get more for your money with Verastarr. In our opinion changing the clock is unnecessary, and definetley voids the warranty.

Thanks for your response 'Verastarr', I currently own Jolida 100 A, modified by Wally, I heard Arcam FMJ CD 23, in my system and preferred Jolida but Arcam has really good attack and is fast .. and was wondering is it because of the clock that arcam using .. if I get best of Jolida 100 and Arcam attack that will be great. Can you please explain what component makes this difference ?


I am sufficiently impressed with Underwood that I have bought 3 units from him - 502B, 100A and 402 Tuner. I had a problem with the 502B Volume control and Walter made sure it was fixed pronto. He called Jolida and told them to get it back to me ASAP - which they did. No question Walter stands behind everything he sells. Jolida cover Underwood/Chris Johnson mods fully. Recommend Underwood very highly and I would buy from him anytime.
The Sound Odyssey perspective: At Sound Odyssey we carefully develop an Upgrade/Modification strategy based on extensive testing that is targeted to correct weaknesses, or further develop potential attributes of a piece. Like all Jolida products, the JD-100 is an awesome piece right out of the box! However, the unit does have its flaws.

Most notably, they are:
(a) Noise from the power supply,
(b) A clock circuit that is does not control jitter very well, (VERY few CD Players do, even those costing several thousand dollars).
(c) Mechanical vibration from the transport, and
(d) Inadequate capacitors around the DAC and other critical chips/processors

Sound odyssey has developed three Stages of performance revelation for the Jolida JD-100.

PERFORMANCE STAGE 1- is the "Biggest Bang for the Buck" we correct many of the player's shortcomings in the circuit, not just slap on damping material.

PERFORMANCE STAGE 2- This package represents a DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT in all critical functions of the player. Combined, these mods form a synchronous coherence that will embarrass players costing 4K. This is a serious move into ultra high audio performance, yet it still retains the marvelous sound signature of the Jolida JD-100.

PERFORMANCE STAG 3- The DEFINATIVE and most comprehensive upgrade for the Jolida JD-100. We utilize the very best wire diodes, and capacitors, power supplies and other parts. This player delivers a musical experience that is first physical, then intellectual, and then emotional as you finally let go of contemplating the presentation of natural accuracy, imaging, tonality, pace and dynamics and relax into your favorite music. This process may take a while, as you will likely want to explore much of your CD collection on the first sitting! The PERFORMANCE STAGE 3 is the Giant Killer! The resolution, amazing soundstaging, an effortless natural tonality of this modded player will take down players 4K and beyond!
I like this channel! At least its not ginsu knives or bass-o-matics.

I'm in the process of determining whether to get an Underwood or Sound Odyssey mod(s) for my JD-100A and the information is very valuable. But I would like to hear more from A'goners who have actually had the mods done to their CDP (or purchased a modded player).
I purchased a straight up stock unit. I dampend the inside myself (from parts connection, cheap!) This thing sounds as good as the Cary 303/200 that I had!
Verastarr and Sound Odyssey, thank you for sharing with us your modifications. Although, most people do not appreciate shilling in the threads, it seems you are both upfront as to who you are, and the spirit of this thread works well with what you are putting forth.

Can you guys also outline the costs of this work you are describing?

Thank you,
I thank everyone who has replied except for the couple of trolls who have nothing else better to do. This is an information site and that is what I hoped for gathering when I posted this question. Anyway, maybe the two companies and possibly "Underwood" himself could give a little more information as to the pros and cons of each upgraded part that each company installs in their units, for example I read that the output jacks vary from upgrade to upgrade. I will be making a purchase for sure in the next 2 weeks so I hope to hear from everyone. Thanks again!

First let me say I have no affiliation with UnderWood HiFi. I bought my unit as you might tell from Underwood HiFi and dealing with Walter was a pleasure. My reasoning for purchasing from him is that he offers two level's of mods. When I purchased the unit I first bought the level-1 mod in midstream I changed my mind and upgraded to the level-2 mod with WBT connectors. Walter was very easy to talk to and everthing went without a hitch.

On to the player I'll sum up the sound in one word "engaging". With the increased soundstage I'm brought right into the music. If your into tube rolling you can have a field day with this unit. I myself am waiting for some RCA 2 Mica Blackplates 5751 to arrive. Unfortunately if the rest of your system is not up to snuff you'll start looking at upgrading components again. For me speakers are my likely my next purchase.