Joseph Audio Pulsar2 vs dynaudio confidence 20 vs tad-me1

Which one would you choose and why? 


I did a quick search to see some reviews and opinions on the TAD ME1. Much everything served up is in line with my own personal opinions on the mighty little ME1. Maybe too lean overall for extended listening sessions. Fatiguing too from just a brief test session. Dynamics are there , just as they are for most high end studio monitors. I guess the decision must come down to the preference for a studio recording or more live and intimate setting for your music tastes. As the ME1 might just take the fun out of listening with it's clearly clinical and proudly analytical touch. I would have to listen to the ME1 again to conclude they even suck the life out of your music. Something so mechanical in nature about these TAD speakers. One of the very few top end bookshelf speakers that never seem to disappear in a room nor have a soundstage wide or high enough to forget they are there. So, $15k for an incredibly underwhelming and unsatisfying experience. Making the Magico A1 and Dali Epicon 2 seem a bargain , not to mention an easier choice as supreme all round performers in comparison. 


panerai, where are you located?

In the past.  Like over a year and a half ago.

In the past.  Like over a year and a half ago.

I've arrived from the future to LOL at that comment!