Joule Electra LAP 150, Noisy?

I'm considering a LAP 150, My speakers are Lamhorn 1.8 with a AES 106 db driver and Yamamoto 06-3. Here in San Francisco there seems to be a great deal of RFI which is my main concern and tube rush.

I owned the Joule LA150 MKii and used it with a set of 107 DB efficient Avantgarde horns. It was very quiet and an excellent preamp. You can't go wrong with the Joule preamplifiers.
I own the LAP 150 Mk II and use it with Merlin VSM MX's. Very quiet, no noise, extremely musical. You can't go wrong with it IMHO.
I use a LAP-150 Mkll with Wilson Sophia"s and Basis 2500 TT/Vector I arm with no problems.
I own LA-300ME. Magnificent preamp !!!! TOTALLT SILENT BACKGROUND. Most ss preamps are noisier...
You can consider LAP-150 Special Edition - much closer to LA-300ME
Own the Joule 150 Signature Edition and is very quiet with my 89db speakers. Another option would be to consider the excellent Bent Tap-X AVC if you need multiple inputs or the Lightspeed Attenuator (the best preamp in my system)for a single source setup, of course you must used shielded ICs for your environment. The Joule is quiet, but passives even more so.
I tried a Music First classic, all silver. In my system it sounded thin, dry and bad. Not sure why, MF thought it was the silver, my friend who brought it over said it sounded great in all 4 systems he has had it in. I'm also trying to have less boxes and less cords, Etc. That's why the all in one approach. Open to other ideas. BTW, my cabling is Synergistic which has proven to be great in my room.

I have Joule-Electra preamp and I am immensely happy with its performance. The best I ever owned or auditioned. Its much more silent then my previous transistor preamp, Capri by Jeff Rowland. My speakers are 92 dB.

I agree with Pubul57 that only passive unit can compete with J-E in that regard (but not in PERFORMANCE!!!!).

I've owned three versions of LA 100, LA 150, LA 150 mk II & LA -300 and they have all been dead quiet. Great pre's.

Crubio, I don't think you are going to many arguments that the Joule preamps are not great in a very, very musical way.