Jumper Question

Hi. Have a question on jumper placements. I read through several threads but am still confused. I will be using jumpers with a single speaker cable to each speaker. looking a one speaker, Snell Type D, it,s connections are vertical meaning for each high and low the pos is on top and the neg on bottom. So assuming that I,ll connect my cables to the high posts how/where do I connect the jumpers? Vertical or horizontal? Use 2 jumpers connecting each hi and low per speaker or 1 jumper to the unused posts? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Dave
Thanks Dave for the response. I just got my jumpers in the mail today so I,ll be setting the speakers up tomorrow. A great way to spend a quiet Sunday. Again thanks, Dave
Not all jumped speakers sound better with the speaker wires on the highs. Mine sound better (fuller) on the lows. It's Sunday, so fool around. I'm told some people even do one lead on each (treating each speaker the same), tho I've never tried it.

Hi. I hooked the jumpers ++ and -- and connected the speaker cables to low terminals and then to the hi terminals. In both cases the front and rear tweeters in both speakers did not fire. I,m using anti cables, and I used the anti cable jumpers with spades (that were not useful here), and made a set out of old speaker wire. I,m assuming I,m doing something wrong because both speakers tweeters are not working correctly thru my wiring. The only other thing is that I have the connection reversed due to phase. The cable itself is connected to the post thru a loop and tightened. What does it sound like I,m doing wrong. Thanks much. Dave
Dave, yes that,s the way I have my jumpers. I,m thinking maybe the crossovers or something else were fried or damaged somewhere along the way. I think they sat for quite awhile. What so do you think? If, needed you think a few hundred would be worth the investment if needed? again, thanks. Dave
You may want to pull the speakers, and try to play them on their own (at very low power of course). If they make no sound, then they are blown?

If they play......then check the wiring and crossovers for problems as you will know the drivers are ok.

Check the fuse next to the binding posts. They are there to protect the tweeters. If they are blown you won't get any sound.
Thanks to all for all of your insights, I appreciate them. First thing is that I will replace the fuses. They look fine but an inexpensive start to a problem. After that I,ll have someone look them over and go from there. My decision then is whether the investment in repairs are worth it. Again, thanks. Dave
Check out Nordost jumpers and the way they suggest to wire up .

I tried every way with my Ref 3A Grand Veena's and this approach worked.

Then I went out and ordered a set of the Nordost jumpers and Heimdall speaker wires.

Best combo yet with these speakers .