Jumper wires/ cable suggestions

Hello Everyone,

I'm going to be setting up two McIntosh MC275s (model V) in parallel mode to drive a set of Vandersteen Quatros. I wanted to know what MC275 owners are using/ have used as their jumper wire/ cables with setting up the amps in a parallel application along with their experiences with doing so. Is choosing a higher quality jumper wire/ cable important or is this an area where it's not as important? If possible, what jumpers should I consider/ look into?

Any experiences or tips with running a set of MC275s in parallel is also welcome.

Thank you.


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I went from SCs and jumpers to two separate cables and am now back to SCs and jumpers. The trick is to use quality jumpers. 

If I may, I'd like to recommend Darwin speaker cables and jumpers. 
You'll be amazed.

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Just given “Product of the Century”, Silversmith Fidelium speaker cables. I replaced $6K cables with $1200 Fideliums. The old cables are now junk. When bi amping, you should use two pair of cables. No jumpers.
Yes, bi amping properly is with two identical amps.
Should sound great.
Fideliums are the best regardless of price.
Those MC 275's are awesome, and they sound incredible too. Cable choices are key to extracting the sound these amps give. I have used many cables from MITs to Monster cable and the cables that really disappear and let the amp shine are Morrow Audio cables, from the MA3 series all the way up the line these cables dont sound like anything they are like connecting your amps outputs directly to your speaker terminals. Warning they require a very long break in period before this is achieved.

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for the replies/ information.

The setup for running these amp in a "bridged" or correctly referenced for the MC275 is parallel, you need to utilize jumper connections between to output lug/ terminals. 

The parallel setup connection can be seen here:

I'm looking for a set up jumpers like the ones within that picture.  (I believe the ones int he picture are by Furtech).  For the ones I nee, they would to have a spade-to-spade termination. 

Thoughts/ suggestions?

Thank you.
Hi Patrick,

Some food for thought: Your Vandersteens are 8 ohm and since you'll be using your 275's in parallel, you will be using the same 16 ohm taps (for your speakers) that the jumpers utilize as when set up in parallel.

 The MC275 in parallel - 16 ohms = 8 ohms, 8 ohms = 4 ohms and so on... You could use the 8 ohm taps (really be 4 in your case) without any doing any damage, but you're likely going to lose some mid-bass. (I saw that the Quatros have powered woofers and only drop down to the 6 ohm region) 

That said, if you use bananas to connect your speakers, you may want to re-think spades for your jumpers. The reason being that if using bananas, the spades will need to be 1/8 - 3/16" thick to make good contact with the base of the binding posts..... Spades all around if you go this route or jumper "bars" and bananas would be my suggestion.   

I'm no expert, but I do own a 275, use bananas, and can read a tape. Hopefully, if nothing else, this provides some practical advice. 

Congrats and good luck, you will love these amps. Please let us know how they sound with the Vandy's. Should be a wonderful match.      
OP look inside your amp YOU will be surprised at the size of the TINY little itty bitty wire.. Even 12 gage with that short of a run is a push. Get the opposite of whatever your speaker cables are terminated with. Make up a jumper out solid copper with PTFE and a little armor. You won't stop smiling for the cost.

The sound, who cares. I've NEVER heard a Mac Old or New (I have both) that sounded GREAT paralleled or in series for anything other than BASS duty. It ruins the house sound of Mac. SORRY. Now that is their valve units, NOT their SS units.

The older Macs can be paralleled or put in series, STACKED!! I haven't looked at anything other than point to point and a GG model. I have No idea on Mac SS.


These will work perfect, TELL the seller what your doing.. Bananas, flags or fork spades. You could use bare wire IF your speaker cables are banana. Depends on the Mac terminal. Mine are a GG and pair 64 275s.

SMALL terminal on both. Yours.. a lot better terminals.

They just work better in stereo or duel mono. :-)