Just a question.

This is a whole new realm of confusion for me. I still use my cdp, but was thinking about a small,inexpensive netbook for audio to my rig. I have a dac i'm running my main computer into my stereo now with, but thought a small netbook/laptop would be easier than running to my computer everytime I wanted to change a playlist. Is this even possible? Everything I've read this morning has my head pounding. I didn't want to spend a ton of money, maybe 300-500 for something to store my music on and maybe surf the web. Most of my music is on napster or media player. School me a little please, the 'goners haven't steered me wrong yet!
I see no difference using a laptop as opposed to a desktop,if that is what you are asking.I'm sure you are aware of this but I'll mention it.Use some kind of lossless files not mp3.The digital guys on the site will probably give you more in depth advice.
My desktop system is down so I configured my Toshiba laptop to handle music while the desktop gets repaired-toshiba satelite P4 w/2 gigs ram/XP service pak 3-firewire into maudio solo to dac; J River 14/asio 4all. No difference from the desktop. Actually think it sounds better due to less internal noise.
from what I gathered at a demo I saw a while back, you can buy (cheap) programs that will allow you to operate your computer or HD using your cell phone as a kind of remote. you might want to look into that...
I prefer to build a 'no moving parts' PC, but when you switch to battery power on a laptop there is definitely a liquidity to the sound that isn't there with my desktops. Overall, however I prefer the solidity of the sound I get with the desktops. Just about all aspects of the build affect the sound somehow. Many of the effects are very small, but they can really add up to a big difference.