Just got back from lp swap in frisco

Rock and swap at sfu , it was like black friday at macy's .. 
What did you get? I miss my life in Chicago, Lakeview was (I hope still is) such a nice neighborhood to spend a day-off browsing thru second-hand music stores... 
I ended up scoring about 75 albums, short list 
James Gang
Steven Stills
Peter Gabriel
Jethro Tull
Humble Pie
steely dan
Van Der Graff Generator
jean michael jarre
on and on lol  
etc etc

    Some albums were 3 bks that I scored and was amazed at the quality
I lost so many in my house fire alot of prog rock.
Some of which are selling for 600 bks
Had alot of fun ,I got there at 7am and there were already people snagging lps.
I scored pretty good 

Sorry I missed you! I truly am.

Glad you scored though.  Was there much of accessories and quipment, or all vinyl?


      I have never been to such an event before so i was a little dazed, I arrived at 6;55 am it started at 7am there were already people selling.I wondered around while people setup,and plucked through the albums by the thousands.At a couple points i found it to be hilarious and somewhat of a turn off at the pushy behavior people had ,squeezing in and blocking people from looking.There were moments that grwon men seemed very childish.I did score about 75 lp some japaneese press alot of uk press and all were original that i bought..I was out and back having the breakfast buffet with my family by 10:30am.

Hey erik,
Ya i would have enjoyed that myself,I got my share of dimsun and some good sushi for dinner sat .
There wasn’t any audio gear there at all,just viynl, cassettes ,dvds and cds. I didnt even notice anything other then the albums.I was stoked over the vintage prog rock a few guys had..I will email or text you a little more info on it if you would like,,’
I heard it will happen again in november ...I will most likely attend., get yourself healed up !

oh its not all that Sevs
      If you are a progressive fan music fan ,you may have wet yourself at my old collection it was pretty epic (30yrs) ..Thousands and thousands of vg-mint  blues ,rock,jazz,funk,reggae 
Japaneese uk press originals.Beside the 5k plus cds .lost in a fire  :-(

I think I will, but first answer this: by Marillion you mean all their catalog or just the first four albums? ;-)
 As for marrillion i got into them in 82' Originally silmarrilion ( tolken) I saw them a few times back east in the later 80s script fugazi clutching at straws etc is the marrillion i was referring to i fell off after hogarth and continued to follow fish. I was very lucky as a child my older sister dated a prog bass player,The first 8tracks i got as a 8-9 yr old was zepp2,atom heart mother,banco and songs from the woods.She also gave me darkside and wish by 10 .Eloy and camel were considered normal music as a youth..Hope that ansewers your question.
I thought I am the only one who can not stand the transformation from Marillion with Fish into this new Icon of Progressive Rock... Now I can wet myself!...
Now I am relieved. With a quick mis-read I was afraid you went to 
An LP Swap in Disco! Cheers,
nada buddy 
San Fransico lol ... i was born in 67 and lived thru disco,I was listening to genesis and tull, with a healthy dose of aerosmith, allmans,zepp ,sabbath etc .I was blessed to have a good group of older teens ..