Just got my new Teres turntable today.

I just got the Teres turntable and set it up. It is a beautiful piece of work, and massive. It went together very easily and all holes and tolerances were just right. The bearing is huge and so close toleranced that it took overnight for the spindle/platter to settle to the bottom! I mounted my Origin Live Silver 250 tonearm, but have not received my Denon DL103 cartridge yet, so I can't play it.
For the record(no pun intended) this is my new analog system:

Teres Model 135 turntable with 16 lb acrylic platter, massive acrylic base, with DC motor and dedicated battery power supply option. Set on Smokey Mtn Woodworks Cocobolo Cones. 33 1/3 and 45 rpm speeds. Record Clamp.

Origin Live Silver 250 Tonearm, complete with the OL high quality cable and VTA adjuster

Denon DL103 Cartridge(on order)

MA Cotter MK2 M/C Step-up Transformer strapped to 40 ohms, with silver cables

MFA Magus Tube Preamp hotrodded with NOS tubes, Cardas wiring, Cardas jacks, and completely re-capped with Rel Caps

Custom 30ga. OFC/teflon interconnects

David Berning MicroZOTL tube power amp with NOS tubes.
Fed by dedicated battery power supply

Custom Speaker Cables(22 ga.)3 meter OFC/teflon

Bybee Ultra Quantum Speaker Filters with Nordost SPM tails and Cardas Spades

Single-driver Fostex-based Transmission line Speaker system with doped cones, damped baskets, tuned to 41.2HZ on the low end. Super detail and air!

For digital, I use a Sony DVP-S9000ES CD/SACD/DVD player.

I will try to give reports on performance as soon as I receive the cartridge and do some break-in. It looks killer sitting there though!
Sounds like you're in for some good listening TWL. I hope it does everything that you expect of it. I would be curious as to your opinion of the Denon as i have one also but have never gotten around to installing it as of yet. I've been told that it is an excellent performer for the money involved. Given the recommendations that i saw posted about them and personal feedback from friends, i could not pass up the one that i found for $115. A gentleman in Europe was "liquidating" his phono inventory so a friend and i bought a few of his cartridges.

Out of curiousity, what are you going to use as a supply for the DC motor ? Sean
Good on you TWL
I have mine being shipped tomorrow.
I got the rosewood base, battery pack, and record clamp.
I am going to use a Rega RB-300 with incognito balanced cables, with XLRs. My system is fully balanced.
I have a Dynavector 10X6 MK11 to start with, but I also have a Kosatu rosewood on loan. I will need a setup transformer to use it.
Let us know what you think?
Bryan P
Sean, Teres offers a complete battery power option for their standard DC motor. It consists of a sealed lead acid type battery, a charging controller, and a cut-out that disconnects the charger during playback.
Regarding the DL103, we'll have to wait and see. Everything I've heard and read about it was exemplary. If it doesn't live up to expectations, I will get a Shelter 501.
I also run my Berning amp from a battery bank, 12vdc direct from the battery bank of my solar power system that powers my house.
Btw, Sean, the Teres DC motor has a speed regulator which operates off an optical sensor and a strobe pattern printed on the bottom of the platter. Any variations are damped by the high mass platter. The factory listening tests showed the Battery Supply improves sonics noticeably.

Bryan P., congratulations on your very perceptive decision in getting the Teres. I like the wood base too, but opted to get the acrylic and spend the extra on the OL Silver Arm. I would love to hear about your listening impressions of the Teres on your system, too. I can tell you that it looks better in person than in the pictures. It is beautiful. We need to come up with a dust cover design. Any ideas? I've been thinking of using one of those acrylic domes that cover round terrariums, but I haven't been able to locate one. At the very least, I'd like an arm protector. I'll bet that rosewood base will look killer. The acrylic one like I have looks very much like the Clearaudio Reference. Not too shabby!
I just visited their site: http://www.teresaudio.com/

I am impressed. Every person who's put off buying analog should have a look at this.

If the sound is anywhere close to the design, appearance, finish and innovation, it will be stunning.

Thanks Twl
Albert, thanks for your valuable input. I will be sure to post my results, so all may benefit. I agree that any analog holdouts should consider this turntable. Remember, this is a worldwide cooperative effort by DIY audiophiles who are very serious about performance. They are making this product available without charging for design, or typical profit or overhead. This turntable would cost over $8000.00 from a typical manufacturer with a dealer network. Most reviewers say that the performance is in that neighborhood also. Maybe even higher. I have the unit in my listening room right now and can tell you that the build quality is absolutely first rate. Everything fits like a glove. The acrylic quality is beautiful, as good as any Clearaudio. The bearing has 25% more bearing area than a Platine Verdier. The DC motor and innovative controller is state of the art. The acrylic platter is almost 3" thick. You can hardly buy this much acrylic for the cost of this turntable! This type of acrylic is extremely expensive. I can't wait to bolt the cartridge to this thing!
BryanP, I have a Koetsu step-up transformer and a Cotter MkII Type L which I'm not currently using. If you want to borrow either or both to try with your Rosewood drop me an email.
Tw1, you will LOVE the sound of the Teres. It is indisputably the best value in high-end TTs IMHO. I can't think of any other table I'd rather own right now.