Just heard a Clearaudio Innovation Wood.And WOW

I own a Music Hall MMF-7 with a Lyra Argo cart primaire phono preamp & a VPI Record cleaner. my question is there a turntable that is in the $2000 TO $3000 with arm.that comes close to the Clearaudio for quietness ?? i have been reading a lot maybe a VPI Scout II with that heavy aluminum platter. any suggestions would be nice. I have read that MMF7s acrylic platter might be part of the problem. Thanks .
I have a clearaudio innovation wood. Tough to match speed stability and quietness for 3k with arm. Used market may be route to go (used Artemis Labs or Brinkmann)
Podeschi Thanks For the reply. I looked at Binkmann nice but lots of $$. I can not believe the prices on turntables. I did find a VPI/Brinkmann/Roksan/Nottingham Dealer within 30 miles of me thats pretty cool and he said he will work with me. I guess nobody else has any suggestions..
The reason for low responses is your title... It does not State what you are looking for and therefore no one is interested in responding. Put yourself in the readers position.