Just how many options does 1 need in a 2 way bookshelf design?

Do we really need this many options in a 5-6" woofer 1" dome or if lucky AMT or Ribbon bookshelf speakers? To me, these are the lite beers of audio design.


Welcome to capitalism, bro. It's not about rationality, it's about "choice." The landfills and deforested landscapes can testify.

{Personally, I'd like more acoustic suspension choices} would require larger cabinets and today small is in, cheap to build, cheap to ship from China, easy to stock, and high profits on sales. They did a great job of selling small to the general public after all tech should be more compact not larger. That bumps into the laws of physics when building a device to produce a soundwave, sound waves didn't get smaller.

Hey JohnK/Kenjit,

I blocked you for a reason, and now you are harassing me via my virtual system.

See, I know that you are Kenjit because you are the only person who ever directs this statement to me:

A poorly designed speaker system will cause all the sonic issues you say your hearing in your many many many many many threads and replies.

1. Kenjit has for a very long time inserted himself into my threads claiming I am having sonic issues, or dissatisfied with my system when I’m perfectly happy with it, even if able to critique it.

2. Kenjit is obsessed with the fact that I not only built my main speakers, but posted 100% of the designs and measurements online.

3. Kenjit has never heard my system so he has no idea if it is a good design or not.

4. Kenjit will talk trash about some aspect of stereo reproduction without ever coming to a specific set of recommendations, or able to demonstrate he has something better.

5. Bonkers take on the physics of speaker design, which is evident in your post:

That bumps into the laws of physics when building a device to produce a soundwave, sound waves didn’t get smaller.




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