Jvc tt101 ql10 platter repair or for sale

Dear all i have a jvc ql10/tt101 that was damaged in transit. Thankfully wilkinsons have repaired it very well and done a couple of upgrades too.

There is one problem - the platter got a bit damaged and is slightly bent.

Does anyone have:

A ql10 tt101 thats just being used as a doorstop? Let me know i will buy

A recommended machinist/blacksmith who can get it bent back perfectly - i am based in London uk
What's the damage? 
I have two working TT-101 and i was supposed to sell one to a fellow audiophile in UK who serviced his stuff an Wilkinsons and lives nearby. 
Now it's hard times not only for me but for my buddy in UK too, so it's been frozen for some time. I have original plinth for 2 tonearms. 

Here is my spare original (working TT-101). 

Dear all i have a jvc ql10/tt101 that was damaged in transit. Thankfully wilkinsons have repaired it very well and done a couple of upgrades too.

Very nice! Please tell us more (price, parts, upgrades, turnaround time) ?


Hi chakster 

it is only the platter that has a 1mm bend everything else is excellent since the work by wilkinsons - it included changing the ball bearing to a ceramic one

total cost was 300

i was hoping for a non working 101/ql10 for parts as i already have several tt’s
wow, 300 quids that’s not bad if it was recapped, refurbished and calibrated. There was a problem with the bearings on your sample ? What was the turnaround time to finish this job ? 
Lol about 2 years. It was punctuated and put on hold until a house refurbish. The ptfe plate was indented and the ball was a bit rough - probably from the transit which slightly damaged the platter. That said, other than the platter, it is perfect. Wilkinsons are excellent - one of the guys also works as a nuclear engineer as it happens. I highly recommend them 
I suspect/hope the platter from other JVC units will fit that TT.

Who knows if TT81, 71, 61 platters are the same, interchangeable among those 3 units ______ ??????

AND if any of those platters will work on 101 or 801 _____ ?????

that would widen your change of acquiring a platter if that is true.
@lohanimal bad problem, how did the platter bend, perhaps it fell from the fifth floor of an apartment building?
you could try a grinding on the lathe but the operator must be very good!

I have a TT 101 that does not work well but I expect to be able to make it work before this summer, so it is not available, but I could not make it work when I will sell it as spare parts; unfortunately the platter is difficult to find, had it been a Technics SP 10 II it was easier to find the used spare part.
this is available 

@elliottbnewcombjr no the plattes tt 71 and 801 are not compatible as I own them and they are very different, maybe it could be compatible with the TT 81 but I have many doubts.

hello @best-groove the person that sold the turntable was told to remove the platter and really tightly pack everything. The idiot did not and i think USELESS PARCEL SERVICE threw stuff on top and used it like a football (bit like Ace Ventura opening scene)
It's ever so slightly tilted.

I am considering getting one machined from stainless steel or aluminium tooling plate. The only problem is getting it perfectly made to the same weight and sourcing the damping rubber underneath the platter.

On the issue of getting the JVC serviced I used these guys:


Slow  but excellent. I'm not sure they will take it via the post as the chap there i used does this round trip to london every few weeks and I had to meet up with him to hand the JVC over.

They know their stuff
Lohanimal, Every time you have a problem that requires a machinist, I recommend Colby Lamb in Oregon, USA. I think by now you know all about this. I’m quite sure Colby could make you a completely new platter to specification. Probably superior to the original.
@lewm  I think there are other people in the country of the opener without relying on a manufacturer located on the other side of the world.
I am referencing an independent machinist who is unique, so far as I know, in that he is willing to deal with the fetishes of a typical audiophile, is very skilled, is amicable and not terribly expensive.  I know of no other machinist with his particular set of skills.  While I realize that geography stands in the way of a connection between Lohanimal and Colby Lamb, I don't think it's an insurmountable obstacle.  If you know of a machinist in the UK who can help Lohanimal, why not volunteer the info?  If not, why complain?  I've done business with Colby several times from a distance of about 2500 miles, over a period of several years. (I live in Maryland.)  Yet I have never met him and wouldn't recognize him if he rang my doorbell. Lohanimal is only a bit further off, really.  Once the turntable is on an airplane, it's not much different to send it 6000 miles (New York to London + New York to Oregon) vs 2500 miles.  Anyway, Lohanimal knows about Colby; I agree there must be someone suitable in the UK, but that person is incognito so far.
@lewm transposing an object in your country has a usually limited cost; the same item sent from the other part of the world has a decidedly higher cost plus there is the customs that wants its money, everything could come to cost like the item itself, but if there is a need all this will not is priced.
I have no problem ordering stuff worldwide and if Lew’s machinist in Oregon is that good anyone can order from him by post, declared value for custom for such piece of metal can be $20 and there is no import tax for anyone in Europe. I think the cost of shipping from USA to Uk will be $60 for the platter.

I have shipped some audio stuff to UK for a friend and he never paid any import tax, because i declared gift and low value. 
Most likely, for the TT101, one would want to sand the entire chassis of the turntable, along with the platter. The tolerance with which the platter fits into the chassis and on the spindle is very close. It is up to Lohanimal whether he wants to bear the cost of shipping on top of the cost of repair. But a workingTT101 is immeasurably more valuable than a non-functional TT101 that is worth nothing and gives no pleasure.

Well I have managed to find a working QL10 with a UA 7045 arm for an amazing price - it was the cheapest option
@lohanimal   very lucky; now you can sell the other turntable as spare parts.
Dear all the man i bought the ql10 off got it with a jvc rack and amplifier at a car boot sale for the sum total of £25.00😎
Two amazing stories of ultra-cheap QL-10s.  Most people do not know what these things can do.
my own ql 10 works very well just a minor bend (1mm -2mm at most on the platter) the rest of the motor unit is good - plinth is a bit tatty but again - nothing wrong. If i cant source a platter ii may see if i can get one made of acrylic