KAB EV-1 users?

As my Orbitrac starts to come apart from overuse, my thoughts turn to the next logical step. Has anyone used the KAB EV-1?


Seems like about what you would come up with if you were making a DIY RCM, and less complex than, say, Chris Brady's model:


I did a search here and found only one reference. If anyone has used the KAB EV-1, I'd love to hear about your experiences.

Whoops! Wrong URL for Chris's DIY cleaner...it's here:


Thanks for any info!

I purchased a KAB EV-1 around Christmas '11. Before this, I was cleaning LPs in the kitchen sink with dishwashing liquid and using a carbon fiber record brush, followed by rinsing and hand drying. (In spite of all the grave warnings, immersing and soaking LPs causes negligible harm to the labels). This completely manual method was time consuming and probably not the most effective.

To supply vacuum to the EV-1, I use the suction motor from a Bissell home carpet steamer. Also, I replaced the supplied brush - which appears to be felt stretched over a plastic support - with the carbon fiber brush used before. I feel that the carbon fibers get deeper into the grooves than the felt brush.

The method is to dump out a copious quantity of cleaning solution on the A side; then rotate the record while holding the brush against the grooves with the other hand. Then I flip over the record, start the vacuum, and scrub side B, as before. So side A is being suctioned dry while side B is scrubbed. Then I flip over the record again and dry the B side. A very thin film of liquid is left on the grooves, but it dries quickly when the record is placed in a dish rack. So one is spared the unpleasantness of hand drying records.

I ran out of the supplied cleaning solution and switched to commercial glass cleaner from Sam’s Club. It seems to work just as well. I feel that the important thing is to dump the solvent on generously, making a film that coats the entire surface. Commercial glass cleaner - at a few dollars per gallon - permits such generous use.

Compared to the sink washing method, the EV-1 sped up the process and did a better job. I could hear less surface noise even with records that I had already hand cleaned. The EV-1 has a rubber stopper, that when removed, permits the aspirated liquid to be dumped out. Invariably it is always discolored and dirty, and often with discernable particulate matter, even when I start with a bunch of records that appear to be clean.

I clean no more than about a dozen records at a time, and this takes under an hour. I marked the covers of the records cleaned by the EV-1, as there is no need for repetition. I’m up to about 200 records by now, and the only sign of wear is the fabric around the air intake slot, but this does not degrade performance.
I've been using the KAB EV-1 for a few years now. It was affordable and it works. Noticeable noise reduction on various LPs.

I use a DIY water/alcohol/detergent mix for initial cleaning, then vacuum off. Finish w/steam and vacuum again. Repeat on Side 2.

For hard cases, follow the preceding with AI enzyme/vacuum + deactivator/vacuum. Finish with steam/vacuum.

I wish I could do 12 records in an hour...probably only do 3 or 4 in an hour. I rotate the disk slowly while on the vacuum/EV-1.

Worn out "sweeps" are easily replaceable. KAB sells Nitty Gritty brand sweeps.
I've had one for around 5 years. Very pleased. Remember to keep the felt lips clean, and replace them and the record brush as needed.