Kappa 6 midrange replacement

I am the original owner of a pair of Infinity 6 Kappa speakers. The speakers were purchased brand new in 1990 and have been simply phenomenal ! The only issue has been surround rot on the bass drivers 10 years. This was lovingly repaired by Jamac here in Portland, OR. Sadly, the last week one of the polydomes on the midrange decided to literally erupt, tear and fall apart (you get to be 30+ years old and see how YOU do). I have one of two options: 
1) Order a replacement driver from an outfit called simplyspeakers.com. 
2) see if I can locate a re-dome kit
3) ship the offending driver off to be re-domed.

If I go with option #1, I think I would need to buy a pair of midrange speakers (one for both speakers). The difference between the two is the replacement is a traditional paper diaphragm/foam surround. I can get a data/spec sheet for the replacement from SimplySpeakers, but I can't find one (what am I thinking?) for the Infinity model 902-3075. 

I could ship the broken midrange off to be re-domed/re-foamed, but I would be without a speaker for 6-8 weeks. (No thank you.)

Any thoughts/advice/recommendations?

(Don't suggest new speakers, I can't afford a pair of KEF Blades just yet)


Before you do anything talk to the best who will likely repair them better than new for an incredibly reasonable $ amount in a matter of days.

Millersound Speaker Refoaming, Speaker Reconing and Repair Services


I looked into the simplyspeakers replacements. I am not sure how they compare to the Millersound replacement (which is taking my current meds and re-doming them). Both are 4 ohm loads (resistive). But no other data on the overall freq response. And the Kappa polydome is no longer mfg. The difference between the two methods is it would cost $200 for the simplyspeaker replacements (which I could do in about 10 minutes) vs $300 (shipping/handling/repair) to miller sound and being without my speakers for as long as 3 weeks. I do have a pair of KLH (had home theatre cheap models) I can use in the interim.

@shtinkydog Millersound will only do the repair, which requires disassembly of the speaker, packaging the midrange as per their instructions and shipping to PA from here in Oregon.

$200 and instant gratification or $300 and outstanding sound... decisions decisions.