Keep or sell

I'm currently using a Nordost QB4 and need another out let on the box. I;m getting a Richard Gray 600 conditioner with 6 outlets. I'm going to link them both, then run the system with both, then without the Nordost to find out what sounds better. If I like the QB4 better just by itself, should I buy another QB4 or sell it on here and buy a  QB8?  I could resolve the problem by running the amp directly to the wall to free up a spot on the QB4. Thanks in advance.

Plug the amp into its own dedicated outlet. I also have the Quantum QB4 and I prefer the amp going direct to a dedicated line (10awg Romex).

I have owned Richard Gray, PS Audio in the past as well as Shunyata. They are all very good. This hobby makes it hard not to try everything if you can;>)

Good Luck!

In my opinion if you are looking to better the QB check into the Ansuz Mainz D8. If you get a chance to demo one make sure you use the best Ansuz power cord to go from the wall to the Mainz D8.

If you are not familiar with Ansuz it's a sister company of Raidho and designed by Mike Borresen.
Finally got the Richard Gray 600s. Works very nicely, so I'll get the QB8 then sell the QB4 on ebay. Thanks to all.