Keeping your components Dust Free

Curious as to how others keep the dust off and out of their components. Is this a long-term concern or should I not worry about it?  I currently have my integrated sitting on top of my A/V stand under my television. Dust isn’t crazy bad, but I’m sure it will accumulate after a few years. 


I use air purifiers through out the house along with an merv 13 filter for the whole house fan. I dust my gear once a week and vacuum twice a week. Not only does the routine keep the gear clean on the inside but also in return gives my allergies a safe haven and that aides in great listening sessions.

My apartment cleaners use a feather duster and cloth every few weeks.... 

I’ve found using Swiffer sounds better than a feather duster in a direct A/B comparison. 

All those periodic cleaning won't block dust from getting inside the circuits, but good news is, the equipment should work regardless of dust. 

With components, I use a feather duster often and caned air maybe twice a year. On my speakers, I use the same feather duster and Mothers once or twice a year.

All the best.


I blow them off with an air gun periodically and use a lint free micro fiber cloth.

A couple times a year I'll open up the cases and blow them out and clean off the tubes.

I use feather duster and/or soft vacuum cleaner attachment for regular cleaning. Like the idea of make up brush for getting into nooks and crannies. Dust getting inside components can be problematic. Just the other day, going through one of my regular cleaning, re-situating, unplugging and re-plugging cables, noticed massive amounts of dust inside Synology NAS, anything with fan will intake massive amount of dust, these really need watching. I also periodically open up my equipment for a dust out with compressed air, feather the handle on blow gun, excess pressure could damage certain components.

If you feel anxious and the equipment is vented (holes or slots on the top of the case), just remove the top cover every few years and vacuum the dust out.  Make sure you unplug first!  If equipment isn't vented, don't worry about it; it'll be cleaned if you ever have to have it serviced.

I use a natural China bristle paint brush lightly sprayed with Pledge all surface dusting fluid to get in the nooks and crannies.  It is as soft as a make up brush but much larger.

Keeping dust covers over all my gear and speakers always, except when listening

I cover the vents on all of my gear with a piece of suede fabric to keep the dust out  and I remove it when the component is in use..

I still do most of the things that have been mentioned by others, including taking the top of the component every year or two.

One more vote for Swiffer -- the cloths that would go on a mop, I use as a dust rag. They seem to get dust to cling better than cotton. For speakers, I don't push, but let the light weight of the Swiffer cloth drag across the cone.