kimber 1016 ????

Hi, anybody using Kimber 1016? I would like some info about them. I've searched for reviews to no avail. What are the plus and neg side of them. Do they work well with tubes.
I have a pair, they are very similar to 1011, obviously in the family. They are ultra smooth and really do ad a punch to the bottom end due to the extra conductors. The bottom end definition and punch is the difference between them and the 1011. They are especially nice for systems that might be on the lean side or closer to neutral but might be too much for a warm system. I run them between my pre and amps and use 1021 upstream - it makes for a very nice presentation. I use tubes in my preamp and ss amps.
I`ve used the Kimber Select cables for years. The KS series are Kimbers top of the line. The KS 1016 has more conductors and gives the listener a well balanced presentation of the music. The characterics of the cable is well defined in the bass and midrange offering a realistic but not hi/fi analytical sound in the highs. The KS 1016 complements both tube and ss.

I have also used the Cardas Golden Reference. While sucess was had with these cables I prefer the KS 1016`s because of the live presention of the music.