Kimber Kable 8TC vs Audio Art SC-5 dilema ?

I stuck between Kimber 8TC and Audio Art SC5 cables.I found so many good words about both. Are these cables very different from each other? Which ones would be better bi-wired for Monitor Audio RS6 speakers and why?
Thank you for your input.
Both are solid cables at the end of the day, they're not going to make or break your system. It's not a component, it's wire -- the cherry on top of a really synergistic system.

The only real way to answer your question is to get hold of both and try them in your system, single wired and bi-wired, because bi-wiring doesn't necessarily sound better and in some cases, no different at all than single wiring.

The Cable Company has a huge lending library of wire -- you might try them for a loan on the Kimber. Audio Art has a money-back guarantee.

I've used many cables from both companies and currently have Audio Art SC5 in my system. I've also tried Kimber 4PR, 8PR and 4TC. If I listen REALLY hard...I'd say the Kimber wire in general is slightly 'faster' sounding than the SC5 but again, it's wire, we're talking very slight differences. Without knowing the rest of your system, it's hard to say whether that particular quality would be desirable.
Thanks for fast response. After reading many articles about useless bi-wiring I changed my mind and I'll go with singe wiring. My starter system: NAD C515BEE CD Player, NAD C325BEE integrated amp, Monitor Audio Silver RS6 speakers. It's time to choose interconnect and speaker wires. I'm thinking about AudioArt SC5 speaker cable and IC3 interconnect. Any special reason I should change my mind about these wires ???
I don't think there's any reason to change your mind. There are any number of reasonably priced cables that will serve your system well. At the current level of resolution your components provide, it's just not worth obsessing over cables. Not trying to be dismissive or anything, just realistic. When I was starting out in this hobby with equipment like yours, I tried several brands of competing cable at an appropriate price point (like you are looking at.) To be honest, the differences were irrelevant, splitting hairs. If anything, I think you might be overspending. It's entirely possible something even more moderately priced like Blue Jeans cable or one of Furutech's less expensive DIY speaker cables would perform just as well. I'm sure others will have a different take on this, having experienced some audio epiphany from cable changes in a moderately priced system. That's the way things are, there's just never consensus about these things.